Leo July 2016

The fabric of one’s life is not one solid sheet of cloth, but, rather an intricately woven tapestry.  My stoner, Leo, you are well known for your fierceness and ability to act on your own to attain your goals.  July of 2016 is not the month for that.  You must evaluate your life to rid yourself of the strands that are fraying.  Find solace in the strands that have proven solid and long lasting.  Then integrate these strands into a new pattern.  Thus allowing yourself to teach and be taught at the same time.  Take time to meditate with the sacred herb this month so you may visualize the final mosaic you wish to weave into your tapestry.

The tapestry pattern of your working world may seem a bit vivid. This can be good or bad. As we said earlier, rid yourself of the frayed strands as to avoid your accomplishments unraveling.  Just like a tapestry cannot be woven with just a single thread, tasks in the workplace will require more than just your efforts alone.  By combining your thought with those of your peers you will create stronger and longer lasting results.  The real beauty in a job well done is the diversity of ideas and friendly collaborations.  And the best part is that after conquering the tasks required at work you can strengthen the bonds with coworkers by passing around a wonderful bouquet of cannabis.

July brings the potential to further strengthen your ties with your partner.  But make sure you do not waste the insights you gain during your meditation time.  Only if you are of clear mind will you be able to make deeper the connections with those closest to you.  Sometimes doing nothing will be the best option.  If you sense that pulling too hard could cause unwanted tears in your fabric then proceed with caution.  Take a timeout and consult with our lady mary jane.  This will be the best approach and will allow you and yours to proceed in all of your joint efforts.

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