Gemini October 2016

Stoner Gemini, brace yourself for bad news.  The month of October is a dramatically dire situation for you.  When I was a child I spent time near a nuclear power plant.  My entire community was littered with sirens.  When they were tested it would send a shiver down my spine.  Stoner Gemini, the sirens are sounding for you, take heed.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply lock yourself away in your room with cannabis, a pipe, and a tissue.  Inaction could be the exact trigger that unloads the cosmic pain down on you.  I do not enjoy being the bearer of bad news stoner Gemini.  With these warnings, you have a chance to settle your soul and prepare yourself for a difficult time period.  The heavenly leader for the sign of Gemini has completely abandoned you for the month of October.  Try to imagine as if the sun were to go away for an entire month, and you had to live in darkness for the duration of the period.

The sacred herb has coping and enlightening properties.  Meditative sessions should take place in moderation with specific direction.  Have you heard of a tolerance break?  This may be the month that you should put down the vape pen and give yourself the gift of sobriety for the month of October.

Unfortunately your cannabis companions, family, and loved ones cannot help you in your predicament this month.  As a matter of fact, you may want to avoid trips and outings with your loved ones as the dark cloud over your head may be detrimental to the long-term health of your relationships.

I’m sorry stoner Gemini, I have no jokes or quips to end this sad horoscope.  You are now prepared with information.  It is up to you to battle the dark cosmic forces.  You will see the blessings of the light again.

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