Gemini November 2016

Stoner Gemini you can relax in the calm waters of the cosmos in the month of November.  Negative influences will be at bay, and you will be able to concentrate on internal desires and positive manifestation.  With negative universal influences dulled, a variety of strains of the sacred herb can be used in meditative experiments.  The focal point of all meditative smoke sessions should be creation and manifestation.  The world is what we want to make it.  Our desires and fears clash in a constant beam communicating out to the cosmos.  Take time to focus your communication stream to the universe this month on pinpointing what you really what out of this life.  The universe is always listening; be sure that you are communicating what you want it to hear.

Work and business will continue at a normal flow in November.  Much of the importance of your communication with the universe, you must be clear with your communication in the workplace.  Obstacles will pop up in the form of human conflict.  Concentrate on your tasks and responsibilities.  It would be best to avoid heated conflict.  As long as you take care of your sphere of responsibility everything will work itself out.

Stoner Gemini, your relationships will require more action in November.  Be honest with yourself about your internal desires.  The month of November will be a pivotal time for addressing your goals regarding personal relationships.  If your desires are defined, then they are obtainable with communication and direct action.

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