Cancer Stoner Horoscope November

Cancer Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Cancer, you are accustomed to processing the intense emotions that arise as you navigate the unstable streams of the cosmos during the times of tumultuous tides. But, there are many of your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts who may easily become overwhelmed when the waters get too rough.

It’s been quite a wild ride so far this year, and you might be eager to say goodbye to 2021; but be cautioned my chronic-loving Crab:  There are still a few more weeks of chaotic currents ahead, before you get to spark up that final bowl of the year.

In the meantime, you will serve as a beacon of light to the weary canna-fam as they traverse the uncertain times ahead. Stoner Cancer, you are uniquely positioned to help your cannabis companions stay afloat amongst swelling waves; to offer a place of refuge from the cosmic winds; to be the safe, calm eye within the swirling storm.

You can’t always control the chaos stoner Cancer, but during this season, you can breathe easy at the thought that you will at least have control over the happenings in your home. YOU get to curate the atmosphere and setting where good vibes and kind buds abound.

You don’t have to welcome everyone into your smoke circle stoner Cancer.  However, open up your stoney sanctuary to those most in need.  Be welcoming to the worn down terrestrial travelers who need to rest, recreate, and recharge their cosmic spacesuit.  A shared bowl can mean so much in turbulent times.

However, it is important to set boundaries, and to know your limits.  If your stash jar is being drained faster than usual, be on the lookout for the stoner mooch who is always down to pack a bowl, but never seems to contribute to the communal supply. Sharing is caring my sweet stoner Crab, but make sure that the giving goes both ways.  In the end, the motive is love and empathy; but be protected from unappreciated cannabis consumption.

Stoner Cancer, it’s not that you are one who seeks out chaos. But, where others see a challenging obstacle, you see an opportunity to overcome. You are the one who, with or without herbal inspiration, always looks to achieve a higher perspective.

This November you will have the opportunity to answer your truest calling.  Fulfill the role of Ganja Guru. Light up and rise up, your fellow cannabis companions will need your optimistic outlook!

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