Aries Stoner Horoscope November

Aries Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Aries, did you take advantage of the slow and balanced flow last month.  Did you break away from the stereotype of being a fierce, fast-moving fire sign; and instead float along the mellow moving cosmic waters?

I hope so, my red-eyed Ram. Because if last month was marked by balance and moderation, and filled with peaceful smoke sessions and high spirits, the days ahead will be spent navigating your way through more powerful, uncertain cosmic currents.

Stoner Aries, while you might be feeling like you are back to your usual confident, ready-to-conquer self, now is not the time to let your inhibitions chart the course of your terrestrial travels.

Steer clear of heady Sativas during this time; even if they are your go-to cannabis strains.  Of course they can be helpful in inspiring creativity and motivating you into action, but too much cerebral stimulation might increase unwanted impulsivity.

Instead, stick to the smooth and soothing effects of calming Indica strains. Think healing, not heady stoner Aries. You want something to help maintain your cosmic spacesuit, and protect it against heavy cosmic winds.  Something that will help you stay stoney, but also keep you grounded and centered between the highs and lows November is sure to bring.

Stoner Aries, avoid serious conversations or confronting partners-in-chronic this season.  You and fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts will feel their emotions more intensely during this time. Of course, you can always try the peace pipe to help ease tensions, but be sure to let the smoke clear before airing your grievances.

The best approach to maintaining good relationships may be to do nothing at all. Instead of forcing uncomfortable conversations, try giving each other space to medicate and meditate on their own. Time away from the smoke circle, and social settings, will allow feuding friends the opportunity to be alone with their own thoughts.

Embrace the quiet time and the sacred sensemilla. Look within yourself stoner Aries. Inhale the perspective expanding vapors of the sacred herb, and explore your own hidden depths. After you have meditated and reflected on your own feelings, you may be ready to express what’s bothering you with calm compassion, and empathy.

Or, you might come to realize that when it comes to working through growing pains with our cannabis companions, the simplest solution is to smoke about it, and forget about it. Instead of holding onto those bad vibes, sometimes we just have to light up and let go.

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