Cancer March 2015

Put on your dancing shoes and groove your way through the month of March my sweet leaf smoking Cancer!  It seems nothing can stop you this month.  Although nothing new will pop up and change you drastically; many things you were working towards will open up and bloom.  So get ready to skyrocket down those well thought out paths!

In your working world get ready for some heady situations.  You will be blessed with many opportunities that you thought were closed off to you.   All smoke signals point to a business partnership this month.  Are you working for yourself?  Have you been paying attention to your competition?  Are they struggling?  Maybe suggest a way to work together?  It will be a an amazing venture for all involved.   If you’re the worker bee and not the Queen of a business then step it up!  Keep your attention focused at work and take on that responsibility!  A promotion is in order.

Have you met your one and only someone to share that pan of mmm mmm medible brownies with?  If not you are on a path to meet that person this month.  If you are already attached you will have to choose.  These lovers will not be kind if you try to have them both.  It will be ok to let one go.  Do not second guess your choice as it will be the right one in the long run.  In fact you should celebrate with a “Hookah Smoking Caterpillar” kind of party for all your loved ones this month.  Stoner Cancer March is truly shining on you!  Breath in all the fabulous-ness you can and let the universe wrap it’s arms around you.

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