Taurus February 2017

Stoner Taurus, he following month of February will be an expansive and exciting one for you, particularly with your work life and relationships.  The stars and planets align to provide you with celestial support in your endeavors.  Your amount of personal determination and willpower will manifest this month in the fruits of your hard work.  Diligence, careful planning, and adaptability are key to your making the most of the month of February.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, challenged, or stressed, perhaps partake in some healing sacred herb and allow it to bring you clarity and align your focus with your goals.  Practice mindful meditation as well and watch your results accelerate you into a new state of mind.  Maintain morality and pure motives, and stay alerted to potential alternative paths that will, in a roundabout way, carry you to your end result.

In the work spectrum of your life this month, you can expect to achieve your goals but will need to work with individuals that may be difficult to interact with. You will need to dismiss ego and rigidity of thought.  Align your focus primarily with the end result being the beacon leading you to success.  Take advantage of meditative smoke sessions to focus on objective introspection, maintain the neutrality of your perspective, and watch for opportunities to reinvent your relationship with these difficult workmates.  Perhaps invite them over for a low key smoke session, and allow the herb to bind you together as friends.

Romantically, February is a promising month for Taurus.  If you are a single Taurus, however, it is in your best interest to act wisely.  Careful objective consideration with exploratory relationships could be the difference between hot romance and a lifelong love interest.  Stay open and positive, but be careful to not expose yourself too much or too quickly with new acquaintances.  This month carries a slight potential for the introduction of unreliable individuals in your life, so stay positive, but stay ready.  Remember to align your sights with your ultimate goal here, which is to gain a partner or friend who fulfills and completes you, expands your horizons, and proves to be a fun cannabis companion.

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