Taurus December 2016

Stoner Taurus December will be an expansive period of time for you.  The universe will smile down on you with a warm cosmic breeze.  You will still be subject to all the beautiful emotions of the human spirit, but cosmic influences will guide you toward contentment and bliss.  This feeling could be so strong that you may not relate to your cannabis companions without the same fortune.  Look to spread the positivity and be the warm influence in the life of others.  Spark one up stoner Taurus, breathe in life and contemplate understanding.  You should concentrate your meditative smoke sessions on creativity and how you see yourself on this flying spacecraft we call Earth.

For the stoner Taurus stuck grinding in the corporate machine, December can be lucrative and liberating!  First, your warm positive attitude will create a situation where you can impress decision makers.  Your hard work and value will become known.  But the really exciting opportunity comes outside of the corporate grind.  You have an idea or a skill that you have been putting off to the side for far too long.  The economic machine enslaves, but it can liberate as well.  Have you ever heard of a nano business?  You don’t need a million dollars to start working on your idea.  December will be a great month to get started.

What would be a love life without passion!  The December time period will also spread this warm cosmic wind in matters of love and friendship.  Would you describe yourself as impulsive and fun?  December can bring you an opportunity to experience something new.  This period should bring excitement and assessment.  As you expand your horizons you are able to look back and assess who you are and who you want to be.

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