Sagittarius May 2016

Sometimes, stoner Sagittarius, it may seem like up is down and left is right.  During these tribulations keep your cannabis cure front and center…at least when it comes to your relaxation time.  It will be up to you to take the time to figure out toward which direction you want to head as this month will leave your compass unreliable.  In other words, when you feel like you can’t trust what is going on around you, trust yourself.   Although the universe may be trying to play you for the fool, you should be able to keep your cool.  It’s okay if you have to redirect your focus to new projects and goals if your current undertakings are unfolding how you intended.  The important thing will be to keep moving towards your goals—even if they are changing in unpredictable ways.

This may be surprising to hear, but, with the chaos of the month ensuing, it is recommended that you avoid the sativa dominant strains.  Although this strain is known for its potential uplifting qualities, it can also cause the mind to wander.  And, you’ll definitely have enough unexpected adventures already headed your way.  The earthy flavors of a chill indica will bring you the peace and rest you need in your evenings so you can keep it rockin’ steady through your workdays.  

When it comes to your lover or persons dear to you, do your best to avoid actively searching for problems.  Instead of looking, try listening.  The disagreements you find yourself in may be resolved simply by taking the time to hear what the other is saying, instead of trying to point out problems in their perspective.  It is never a bad idea to share a bowl instead of sharing a brawl.  If it can be helped, avoid the conflicts and ask yourself and those around you to pass the grass, not the blame.  Nobody can be upset by a little extra positivity reinforcement.

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