Pisces June 2016

Pisces, this June should be filled with good times, and maybe even some of the best of times. With the Sun and wind at your back, you may feel like sailing off toward the horizon and leaving it all behind. Although this may sound appealing to fly away, you will find that slowing your roll will allow you to soak up all the positivity that this month will bring. Set your sights on what can be done, more locally. It will definitely not hurt to spend your toking time in an environment that allows you to expand your horizon–even if your favorite smoke spot is the couch. Settle into your newfound groove and keep it movin’. You will surprise even yourself with how serene the sunsets appear as you become more comfortable with your inner-you.

It is not to say, stoner Pisces, that you should take it easy this month at work. But, definitely find the pace at which you will be able to take it steady. Your personal state of Zen will be clear to coworkers and will be reflected in the fantastic quality of your work. You will prove to be an excellent cohort when it comes to collaborating on group projects. But, again, you may find that in order to keep your peace, you may need to keep your smoking circle small. Maybe even go on solo missions. If there is a new trail that you’ve recently discovered but have been waiting to travel, then June is the month. Load up your trail mix and water, and don’t forget your favorite lady Mary Jane. You will find that setting aside this solitary time for reflection will keep you energized for the moments that require you to be a little more present.

Pisces, you will be far from riding the wave during the start of the summer season. In fact, your personal life will be more like a glass pond moved only by the gentle evening breeze. Which will mean that if you do decide to make a splash, your actions will resonate far into the universe. You have the opportunity to shape your surroundings and those closest to you; what kind of impact you make will be up to you. If you are fortunate enough to have a PIC, a “Partner In Chronic,” that is, then the two of you will help each other keep firmly grounded and grow to new heights.

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