Pisces July 2016

Stoner Pisces, sow those seeds and you will see your investments flourish.  Just be sure to not spread yourself too thin.  The beginning months of summer should bring nothing but sunshine and good vibes, but it will be up to you to focus those energies to ensure that you are making progress in the areas that you want to see grow.  Your gut will not lead you astray, so when it says to go ahead and pack that bowl full of some of that ever so sweet sativa, don’t fight the feeling.  That sacred herb growing from magical gardens will only help to keep you grounded.  With a clear mind and a bit of cannabinoids keeping you calm, you will be able to stay on task and accomplish any issues–even the ones that seemed daunting will be manageable when we are able to put our best efforts toward them.

In the workplace avoid tackling those extra complicated tasks alone.  Your peers at work will be more than eager to lend you hand (or share a bowl if the stash jar is getting low).  They will not know that you need help if you don’t ask, however.  Be vocal with your ideas, but don’t ignore advice when others offer.  They are probably offering because they have been through similar situations.  Wisdom can be hard won, so when somebody is willing to help you learn something new without the hardships, embrace the opportunity.  Even though you may be working closely with co-workers this doesn’t mean you have to give everyone the same weight when it comes to making decisions.  In translation; not every idea will be worth keeping.

Just like your peers at work will be generous in sharing their time with you, remember to do the same at home.  Friends and loved ones may need you to help them out with personal issues, so make yourself available.  You may enjoy alone time at home to toke it up, but you already know that smoking with others is more fun for everybody.  If there is someone in your smoking circle that is not vibing with the rest of your folks, send them on their way.  Just because someone enjoys smoking the kind doesn’t mean that person is kind.  Keep the positivity going by sharing the green with those who are willing to keep the peace.  

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