Pisces July 2015

Stoner Pisces, this month, your event calendar may be particularly full, especially for events that include other people.  Allow yourself to take the time that each given task will need to be completed properly, especially in the workplace.  Avoid rushing through your days; there is a lot to get done, but also a lot to learn along the way.  Taking it a bit slower will allow you to give your full attention to those with whom you’re sharing that experience.  This attentive approach will also give you more insight into finding allies to accomplish group projects.

Be wary with whom you share your sacred herb with this month.  Sometimes there will be nothing that you can do to please a critic.  One of the best things that you can do in this case is to remember that “sharing is caring.”  If someone is complaining about the quality of herb that is being shared with them, that person probably has other issues going on behind all of those bad vibes.  Yes, sharing herb with someone can be a bonding experience, but it can also be a time where we learn who we DON’T want to smoke with.  Cannabis should be calming, not chaotic—so find smoking buddies that you can be yourself around.

While others distract themselves with what other people are doing, you will be able to pursue your own goals.  Be selective in your investments into specific projects.  Give yourself the time to contemplate the big ones.  If this means taking the time to smoke on it, go for it.  Taking the time to reflect on the big picture will make you more helpful to the situation at hand and everyone involved.

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