Pisces January 2017

Stoner Pisces, you are not one to be boisterous or demanding, but you do have desires.  It will be important to listen to those inner desires.  You may have distinct plans for the new year.  Don’t limit yourself or your abilities by ignoring your internal dialogue.  As cliché as it can sound, the heart knows what it wants.  So pursue your passions and curiosities, the ends will always justify the journey.  It may be best to stock up on the basics, however.  While the year is blooming in all its newness, winter is still unfurling.  When you have the chance, grab that extra eighth or backup bowl piece.  To translate; it is better to be prepared than find yourself lacking very necessary supplies, especially the green supplies.

When it comes to the workplace keep busy.  You will most benefit by keeping in mind the bigger picture.  That is to say, remember that you are part of a team.  While you may have the know-how and stamina to accomplish greatness, it will be more efficient to enlist the additional help from those around you.  And of course, two, three, or four brains will always be better than undertaking these tasks alone.  Plus, if your coworkers happen to also be four-twenty friendly, the smoke sessions after work will be all the better.  

Regarding your those closest to you, your inner circle, there will be good vibes all around.  This is not to say that you will encounter zero obstacles on your path of positivity, but that you will be able to address these easily if you are willing to make the effort.  If you are able to pick the weeds while they are small your spiritual garden will be able to blossom more fully.  Otherwise, just be the best version of yourself that you can be Pisces.  Those around you will only benefit from your authentic positivity.  

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