Pisces February 2015

Stoner Pisces, this February you’ll knock it out of the park!  Your personal relationships will feel this hit of positivity exponentially.  Remember that you and all those you consider friends and family are playing for the same team.  Your excitement boosts the morale of those around you and everyone’s energy levels go up a notch.  This noticeable positivity flows over and personal relationship bonds are strengthened.

In the workplace you will dominate.  Not by putting others down, but by helping to lift them up.  This goes back to the old saying, “we get by with a little help from our friends” (maybe in the process, we can share a bowl or two).  This investment into others will build trust levels for all parties involved.  As each of you builds the others confidence your skills are sharpened and together you accomplish more than by yourself.  Even with this newly found team of support, don’t fret when things seem to pan out differently than planned.  This may just mean you have helped a member to accomplish one of his/her goals, but you both will get the point.

In personal relationships:  Your best bet is to invest only sincere feelings.  This may lead to a smoking partner becoming a best bud.  Make sure to meditate on the subject before making that stride.  However don’t linger too long in the smoke or you may end up second guessing your decision.  Trust your gut, but know your limits.  Once this balance is achieved the sky’s the limit, then it’s up to you to see how high you can go.

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