Pisces December 2016

Stoner Pisces, 2016 may have started off as a slow burn, but during the latter half of the year you have continued to turn up the heat and now are beginning the final month in a full blaze.  You continue to grow your person and in doing so continue to expand your potential and skills to the point where tasks that used to seem daunting no longer cause you to worry.  Your confidence is substantial and those around you have taken notice.  Just remember to take the time to think and rethink your next steps before you beginning your journey.  It is not that you will not experience success.  In fact, it is somewhat the opposite, since you are on fire in achieving personal goals.  It will be important for you to be sure that you are chasing what you want otherwise you will expend valuable efforts completing tasks that your heart wasn’t really set on.  As long as you put in the time planning ahead, you will have even more time to light one up and relax with a bowl basking in the afterglow of all that you accomplish.

At work, if you feel like you are getting roped into projects that do not pertain to you, it will still be okay to offer a helping hand.  Even if this means that you assist by getting done the “behind-the-scenes” tasks that no one else wants to do.  You may want to enjoy some extra Buddha when you’re at home.  A little extra meditation will go a long way this month as your peers may test your patience.  As long as you keep yourself grounded you will be able to handle the stresses or disagreements that may arise.  You don’t have to completely surrender your will to anyone else.  But, if you have made your side of the problem known, it will be okay if your ideas are not used.

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