Leo May 2016

Stoner Leo, you have been on quite a run of positive blessings from the cosmos! The month of May will not break this trend.  The warm solar wind is at your back, and the waters are calm in front of you.  However, you cannot simply tie off the wheel and check out of your travels.  The journey through the sea of life requires attention even as the universe unfolds such positive pathways for you.

The workplace for the stoner Leo will be fruitful in May.  At the beginning of the month, meditate with a sacred edible.  Visualize your work as a garden.  Spring is planting season.  If you own your business then you must be vigilant to sow your fields with new seeds of energy.  If you are a cog in a corporate machine, you must til your environment and plant positivity throughout the office or workplace.  In both situations, this attention to your garden will bear fruit in the future and show results.

Relationships for the stoner Leo can be more problematic in May if attention is lost.  You may not consider yourself manipulative, but you certainly have skills to arrange and influence the loved ones around you.  You will need all of these skills in May to avoid minor conflicts turning into large problems.  Heed these words, sometimes the best course is to take a break from cannabis companions and let them find their way back to you for advice or problem solving.

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