Leo June 2016

Stoner Leo June is the first month of the year where I have some questionable news to report.  The cosmic waves you have been surfing so proudly are going to become choppy this month.  The first period of summer has brought cosmic interference to the normal, easy going universal influences.  This interference will allow negative cosmic vibes to rain down on your emotional state in June.

The new negative rains should not effect your place of work stoner, Leo.  June has the potential to bring new opportunities and triumphs.  Organized stoner Leo’s can take full advantage of these opportunities, but only with vision and a plan.  Early in the month take time to analyze your current situation and target specific opportunities.  With planning and execution, you should be able to find success by the end of the period.

The possibilities of negative clouds come in the form of emotional instability in June stoner Leo.  You must protect yourself from the heavy cosmic vibes.  The sacred herb should not be used as a coping tool in June.  Instead, be proactive and create meditative sessions with the sacred herb to reinforce positivity and appreciation for your life and yourself.  Do not let depression or poor moods swallow you up in June stoner Leo.  Stuart Smalley said it best, “I’m good enough.  I’m smart enough.  And gosh darn it, people like me.”

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