Leo January 2017

Stoner Leo the universe has a welcome present for you in the January time period.  The present is a reprieve from the hectic hustle and bustle of the previous time periods.  Yes, stoner Leo, you can relax and take stock in the hard work that got you to this point.

The January time period will offer an opportunity to see a new perspective in matters of work and business.  Stoner Leos are coming out of a period of stressful all-consuming work.  Add the familial stress of the holidays, and you can clearly see that you have been through a lot.  Spark one up early in the January time period.  Business and work will not wash away.  However, constant building and growth cannot be maintained.  Instead, in the January time period, you must breathe and let it be.  Relaxation at work can bring new perspectives.  You must switch into a mode of caretaker instead of the conqueror.  The sacred herb will help show the stoner Leo the path to this change of gear, and a new pace.  If you cannot take advantage of this universal blessing stoner Leo, you will waste an important opportunity.  The end of the January time period will already start to transition away from relaxation maintenance and back to the hectic nature of your work.

With the more relaxed pace at work, the stoner Leo can assert a renewed focus on love and family.  The past few time periods have been stressful.  As humans, we often shut down emotionally when hectic and stressful work consume our brain.  January is the time period to give yourself to your cannabis companions, family, and loved ones.  If you are married stoner, Leo, now is the time to spice up your relationship with an unpredictable romantic gesture.  Those stoner Leos without a permanent relationship should treat themselves to new adventures and new emotional opportunities.

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