Leo February 2017

Stoner Leo, the February time period will be filled with mirrors and mirages.  Steady footing and self-confidence will be key to fighting off negativity in February.  The most difficult task will be to discern between the nuisance of negative clutter and the reality of a true problem.  Let’s be honest stoner Leo, you are used to things going your way.  February will be like a fractal jigsaw puzzle of negative clutter that you are not used to.  Part of the problem will be to solve what is real and what is a creation of your mind.

Meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb throughout the month can help you solve these unusual problems.  The sacred herb can help you see through the fractal mirrors and mirages negatively placed by the universe in the February time period.  These meditative smoke sessions should be spent alone.  Contemplation with cannabis companions cannot help you solve these problems.

Despite my warnings against group problem solving with cannabis companions, you will need your friends to ultimately help once the real problems are found.  You are naturally a self-reliant being stoner Leo, but once in awhile, you must lean on a friend.  Even if you think help is not necessary, please understand that allowing others to help you can solidify your relationship and even help them.  Again, another cosmic puzzle for you to solve in February.

Mirrors will cause misdirection.  Mirages are not real.  They hold no power over your cosmic spirit stoner Leo.  In the end, try to enjoy the cosmic puzzle the universe has placed in front of you.

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