Leo August 2016

Stoner Leo, what a long strange trip it’s been!  Life is one big great adventure, and sometimes it is how we experience the awkward moments that define our state of mind.  Relax, I have no terrible news for you in the month of August, but that doesn’t mean your month will be a smooth toke.  You might want to break out the water pipe and cool things down a bit, but life is about to get weird.

Up is down and down is up.  All the normal astrological traits of the stoner Leo will be thrown into the grinder and mixed up & broken down.  But like the sacred herb, you will have the opportunity to keep your integrity and potency even after going through the grinder.  Roles at work and with Cannabis Companions will be flip-flopped at times during the month.  At work, it will be important to follow instructions and complete tasks as they have been assigned.  If you own your business then August will not be the time to take on large broad picture tasks.  August will be the time of routine maintenance tasks for the Stoner Leo.  Everyone in your world will be ok if you don’t take the lead with your normal energy and enthusiasm.  Don’t fret if this scares you.  You will be back to your normal self in the next time period.

Don’t be a hero!  I realize that people have become dependent on your decision-making process and or energy.  In August, Stoner Leo, step outside of your normal comfort zone with the sacred herb.  Maybe try an edible or a thick indica strain.  Listen to your partner at home and or cannabis companions.  You can follow their lead for once, and trust that everything will be alright.  Everything’s gonna be alright.



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