Capricorn Stoner Horoscope December

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope December
Stoner Capricorn, what is your mission on this terrestrial plane?  In this existence hurtling through space on our spaceship Earth.  It’s a heavy question, but one worth considering once in a while.

I have a friend and mentor who contemplates ‘service to self’ and ‘service to others’ as modes of personal action.  This month, the universe will be sending cosmic vibes of ‘service to self’ your way in support of personal endeavors.

It’s ok my trusted Sea-Goat.  It’s great to get a little helping hand from universal support once in a while.  But it is equally important to keep a cool head when the spotlight is on you.

Stoner Capricorn ‘Service to self’ should not be interpreted as selfish.  But it does mean you might get caught up in your own head with possibilities of grandiose internalization.  Projects could become passionate endeavors as the rest of the world slips away from your concern.

The key to December will be to harness the cosmic support without losing your head.  Embrace it, but don’t get lost in the process.

Think of your cannabis consumption prescription the same way this month.  Embrace your own personal desire and interest in the sacred herb.  Smoke when you want, and how you want stoner Capricorn.

However, there is one task you must set aside to keep yourself in check from losing attachment to your smoke circle and the terrestrial world around you.

The final Full Moon of the year is on the 18th.  Toke time to self around this date with a deep meditative solo smoke session with the sacred herb.  Just you, a bowl of the good green, in a comfortable place of solitude.

Use this deep dive with your cannabis copilot to fly high above the terrestrial plane.  See yourself, and your surroundings from a 50,000 foot view.  Sometimes the best way to stay grounded is to fly high above to gain perspective.  Our sacred herbal assistant is the perfect tool to bring clarity to life.

As the year comes to a close, this month of personal commitment will help strengthen internal bonds, and send you into 2022 ready for new challenges and perhaps continued ‘service to others’.

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