Capricorn October 2015

Stoner Capricorn, I am going to keep your October horoscope brief this month.  The skies surrounding the stoner Capricorn for October are cloudy and the direct point of action is ambiguous.  I do not want to confuse your emotions of direction with random guesses and hyperbole.

The sacred herb should not be used to cope in October stoner Capricorn.  Avoid any Indica that will tune the world out.  Stick to the Sativa strains for more impact on energy and concentration.

October is all about the two E‘s and two C‘s.

Energy & Effort:  With cloudy skies blocking the vision of what’s in front of you for October, you will need energy and effort to combat or take advantage of any sudden solar winds in your direction.  You must take care and attention in your workplace or business in October with Energy and Effort.

Care & Consideration:  I cannot tell you about any impending triumphs or pitfalls coming in October.  To combat the ambiguity, you must take Care and Consideration with your loved ones.  Keep your eyes and heart vigilant to spot the needs of people around you.
When you are driving through foggy weather, you must be vigilant and cautious.  Good luck stoner Capricorn.  I will continue to look out for you daily.

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