Cancer July 2015

Breathe in life’s energy, breathe out success.  Breathe in the positivity of the universe, breathe out happiness.  Breathe in your favorite trees, breathe out your worries.  My Stoner Crab you have an extraordinary month ahead of you!  My only serious note for you is to remember you are not a superhero, invincible, or even unbreakable.

Your love life:  What you think about, you will bring about.  No one will offer up opportunities for you here.  Who needs opportunities to be handed to them this month when they are shining with possibilities?  Not you my candid Cancer, not you.  Your energy alone will help you create every possible outcome you would like to see unfold.  Do not be ostentatious as it will not bid fairly for you especially if you are looking for love.   For my attached Crabs, you may come to a point with your lover that you have to give it your all this month.  It will be worth it so do not give up on yourself.

In your wondrous period of amazingness, know that work will require all your brain power in July.  No Cancer, you will not have to work hard in July to produce results, but you will have to be attentive!  If you need your sacred herb during working hours, I suggest a nice sativa to keep your mental powers moving forward.  It will help you to hash out all the new opportunities that are coming your way.  Do not try to take them all on!  Take time to listen to your heart as what you choose will require you to be into it wholeheartedly.  Enjoy this month Cancer!  You’ve earned it!

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