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Taurus February 2017

Stoner Taurus, he following month of February will be an expansive and exciting one for you, particularly with your work life and relationships.  The stars and planets align to provide you with celestial support in your endeavors.  Your amount of personal determination and willpower will manifest this month in the fruits of your hard work.  Diligence, careful planning, and adaptability are key to your making the most of the month of February.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, challenged, or stressed, perhaps partake in some healing sacred herb and allow it to bring you clarity and align your focus with your goals.  Practice mindful meditation as well and watch your results accelerate you into a new state of mind.  Maintain morality and pure motives, and stay alerted to potential alternative paths that will, in a roundabout way, carry you to your end result.

In the work spectrum of your life this month, you can expect to achieve your goals but will need to work with individuals that may be difficult to interact with. You will need to dismiss ego and rigidity of thought.  Align your focus primarily with the end result being the beacon leading you to success.  Take advantage of meditative smoke sessions to focus on objective introspection, maintain the neutrality of your perspective, and watch for opportunities to reinvent your relationship with these difficult workmates.  Perhaps invite them over for a low key smoke session, and allow the herb to bind you together as friends.

Romantically, February is a promising month for Taurus.  If you are a single Taurus, however, it is in your best interest to act wisely.  Careful objective consideration with exploratory relationships could be the difference between hot romance and a lifelong love interest.  Stay open and positive, but be careful to not expose yourself too much or too quickly with new acquaintances.  This month carries a slight potential for the introduction of unreliable individuals in your life, so stay positive, but stay ready.  Remember to align your sights with your ultimate goal here, which is to gain a partner or friend who fulfills and completes you, expands your horizons, and proves to be a fun cannabis companion.

Taurus January 2017

The holidays are over, decorations put away, new gifts organized and you stoner Taurus are ready for 2017!  Happy New Year to you!  This month you will be filled with a zest for getting things done and you are well prepared.  A sativa strain will be your dearest friend this January so keep it close.

Your work is very important to you and it shows dearest Taurus.  You will find challenging experiences that will force you to imply patience and persuasiveness to get your way.  You are fit for these experiences you are fully capable of navigating them.  What will irritate you the most is the lack of trust your partners or managers have in your plans to further the company.   When you feel this irritation take a toke and work on another project.  Being pushy will get you nowhere fast.

Your social and family life will gladly let you go about your work freely; as they know that is what you need to do.  This absolutely does not let you off the hook to just “do your own thing”.  You will need to keep up with what is going on in the lives of your loved ones.  You don’t want to oversee an opportunity to help someone who gravely needs it.  This person will need your attention and your positive help.  Take the time to share a bowl with them and remember to be kind.  They know what the problem is.  They need help overcoming it.  And no, you cannot do it for them! Just be there and all will prevail!

Taurus December 2016

Stoner Taurus December will be an expansive period of time for you.  The universe will smile down on you with a warm cosmic breeze.  You will still be subject to all the beautiful emotions of the human spirit, but cosmic influences will guide you toward contentment and bliss.  This feeling could be so strong that you may not relate to your cannabis companions without the same fortune.  Look to spread the positivity and be the warm influence in the life of others.  Spark one up stoner Taurus, breathe in life and contemplate understanding.  You should concentrate your meditative smoke sessions on creativity and how you see yourself on this flying spacecraft we call Earth.

For the stoner Taurus stuck grinding in the corporate machine, December can be lucrative and liberating!  First, your warm positive attitude will create a situation where you can impress decision makers.  Your hard work and value will become known.  But the really exciting opportunity comes outside of the corporate grind.  You have an idea or a skill that you have been putting off to the side for far too long.  The economic machine enslaves, but it can liberate as well.  Have you ever heard of a nano business?  You don’t need a million dollars to start working on your idea.  December will be a great month to get started.

What would be a love life without passion!  The December time period will also spread this warm cosmic wind in matters of love and friendship.  Would you describe yourself as impulsive and fun?  December can bring you an opportunity to experience something new.  This period should bring excitement and assessment.  As you expand your horizons you are able to look back and assess who you are and who you want to be.

Taurus November 2016

As an earth sign, the stoner Taurus will feel right at home all month long this November.  This month should go along quite smoothly if you’re willing to do the work and stay grounded.  A well-balanced hybrid will be your best bet all month long.  So grab your most earth-happy pipe and some hemp wick and take them along for the ride.

If you are ready to roll with the punches and get your hands dirty at work, November will be a month of great advancement.  This is not the time to delegate your responsibilities.  Do the work yourself and you will find more joy in the outcome.  In no way will this be an easy non-thinking month.  You will need to keep your wits about you and be prepared to open your eyes a bit during the process of working as one with your colleagues.  Towards the end of the month be sure to share some green with these hard working folks and share your gratitude with them.  They are not used to the Bull of the zodiac and the workplace to be  openly grateful.  You and they will truly enjoy all elements of this bonding.

Speaking of bonding your home life should be emotionally satisfying and easy going.  If you are in a committed relationship you will reach your end goals by working together and staying harmonious.  Be sure to take the time to share your love and herb with them.  Be open to new ideas and don’t hesitate to ask questions that will lead to new horizons.  This may be the month to have a small get together at your humble abode.  I’m sensing a good sesh with the old hookah will do you all good! Listen to your cannabis companions with an open mind as you may need a bit of balance in your life.  These beautiful friends will help you with that.  Enjoy this month stoner Taurus. December holds much excitement.

Taurus October 2016

Stoner Taurus, it will feel good to be you in October.  All the senses and traits of the stoner Taurus will be tested in October, but on their terms.  As usual, the dueling characteristics of the stoner Taurus will be at odds in October.  As reliability & ambition battle against possessiveness & laziness, the stoner Taurus should feel right at home.

October will be a wild ride for the stoner Taurus.  There will be a huge amount of decisions and choices to be made in the October time period.  These decisions and choices will be varied and unpredictable.  The good news is that the stoner Taurus will have all the information required to make a positive impact on the universal clutter headed their way.

Ahhhh, all the information the stoner Taurus will need, and then some!  Here lies the problem with the month of October for the stoner Taurus, Information Overload!  The month may seem scrambled and chaotic at many points in the month like the beginning of the 1990 song Information Overload, by Living Colour.  Meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb will help vitally in sorting through the cosmic clutter and making sense of where the information ends and the decision begins.  These points of decision making will be evident in work and play.  As all the information comes in stoner Taurus, don’t get over-loaded!  Mediation and moderation are the keys to successfully visualizing all the different choices and directions you can take in October.  Don’t over cook the cannabis or you may become over-baked.

Taurus September 2016

How do you look at challenges, stoner Libra?  Your perception of difficulties is imperative at this time.  Find yourself a good hybrid and keep it close by this month.  I strongly suggest taking a meditative smoke break at the very first of the month.  During this session ask your ego and higher self to join forces.  If you do not your ego could get out of hand and ruin any possible good that can happen this September.

Your working world has the potential to be most problematic.  Keeping your cool is what you need to do.  This has nothing to do with you personally.  If your ego is in check you will prevail.   You will feel as if your workload has doubled, and frankly, it will.  If you kept your herb with you, take a break, relax then figure out who to ask for help.  Asking for help is a sign of strength, do not think otherwise.  You can overcome this trying work month by doing what you do best; endure and overcome!  Your ego will be pleased by month’s end!

Let your love light shine this month.  It is true you will find some respite from your daily life with your loved one or friends.  Just remember that light always finds its way into the darkest of caverns.  If you have secrets hiding in the corners of your soul, September is the month that they will be brought out into the open.  Do not fear your past. It made you who you are today.  Just be tactful when sharing — especially if the  details are juicy.  As for your circle of friends:  It is your time to keep them busy.  Grab the dug out and hit the trails one day then pack the vape and hit the clubs another.  All in all this September will be a mixture of obstacles but also of times to be remembered.

Taurus August 2016

What kind of Karma have you been banking these past few years, stoner Taurus?  August 2016 will prove to be a tough month if you allow it to be.  Break out the hybrid buds and do your best to get through.

Your goals set in the past call to you in August Taurus.  Unfortunately, you will feel like they are stuck in wax so thick you cannot possibly reach them.  This is untrue, but you will have to work harder than you have in some time to accomplish them in your usual streamlined fashion.  I strongly suggest a medicated meditation session.  Opening your intuition will help guide you to the most rewarding path for any project you have at work.  By feeling your way through this month you will ultimately come out on top.

A solid family life with little drama is a dream of many.  You, my stoner Taurus, will have to be the one who puts in or gets out this month.  Whether it is clashing opinions with your lover or your mother, the drama will commence if you allow it to.  When it is acceptable, take a smoke break with whoever you may be tangled with and chill together before pushing the issues(s).  Be a good listener and learn as much as you can before you react in any given situation.  There does not have to be problems if you look at each potential fight as only a situation.  Your past Karma will truly play a hand in all personal relationships this month.  Keep your head up Taurus you are stronger than you think.

Taurus July 2016

Tokin’ it up Taurus!  How much fun the summer will bring you will all be based on how much you’ve built up your energies during the winter and spring seasons.  Odds are that you have rested much and have kept it low key.  But, now the sun is at full strength during July and you are more than ready to roll.  Keep the bowl packed and your bag packed so you will be ready to head out when the opportunity for adventure presents itself.  The surprises that happen to you this month will seem a little less unexpected if you think back to seeds that you’ve planted in the past.  This ground work may even be from so long ago that you forgot that to nurture these prospects.  Don’t worry, sometimes the universe has a way of bringing things full circle and now you will have the chance to see these hopes become reality.

 It is recommended that in the workplace that you do not take everything at face value.  Your peers may seem to want to help, but there will be a lingering feeling that they may have undeclared motives.  Do not ignore these feelings.  Nor is it recommended that you dwell on this fact.  You have your sacred herb off the clock to help keep you centered.  If your coworkers are not as fortunate to enjoy this peace producing plant, then share freely with them how it helps you.  Share the sacred herb, not the drama.  Being open and upfront will be the best approach in order to avoid turning the small issues into big ones.  When everyone involved is honest about where they are coming from, work will be much more enjoyable and everyone will be able to get more done.

Any problems on the home front, you can assume are your fault, Taurus.  This is not to make you feel bad.  In fact, the opposite is true.  By taking ownership of the roles you play, you will liberate your thoughts by understanding that you have the tools needed to correct the issues.  Be patient with your lover or those close to you.  All parties have things to learn from the other, but none benefit by trying to talk over each other.  If it takes grinding up some green in order to keep grounded, do that.  We can all find an equal playing field by passing around the pipe.  But, the herb should be used as a way to go deeper into the conversation, not a way to avoid it.

Taurus June 2016

The upside of this coming month, stoner Taurus, is that you will have control over the great majority of outcomes in all aspects of your life.  The downside…YOU will have control of the outcomes, which means if they do not work out the way you desired, that there will be no one else to blame.  To keep your momentum going, find a nice sativa strain of the sacred herb.  Although the only problems you will encounter are the ones that you create for yourself, it will not hurt to inhale a bit more creativity into your life – and if it’s not used for problem-solving this simply means you can apply it to new adventures and undertakings.

Do not be surprised if those around you attempt to enlist you to be part of their team in the workplace.  Your peers will notice your accomplishments outside of the job and will want to have access to your enthusiasm and energies.  Be aware of burnout–and we’re not talking the results of one too many puffs from the pipe.  Your ability to problem solve will be in ‘high’ demand this month.  But, again, the upside is that you will get to choose the projects that you invest yourself into.  If you are close to your cohorts at work, then you all should be able to grind hard during the nine to five, and grind herb when everyone is off the clock.  So, handle your business at work and all will better enjoy handling the pipe when it’s finally time to unwind.

June can be as dynamic as you want it to be, stoner Taurus.  All the positivity that is apparent in your inner and work life will transfer over to the area of love and loved ones.  By spending more time paying attention to your wants you will be able to better identify your needs and the needs of those closest to you.  If the unlikely situation does occur and you are unsure of how to move forward: slow your roll, roll one up, and burn one down before making any rash decisions.  As long as the problem isn’t between you and your significant other, then you can always rest peacefully knowing that you can spark up some of that calming cannabis and pass it your friend.

Taurus May 2016

Do you feel the strength of a warrior building within you stoner Taurus?  Allow that feeling to grow and emerge from within.  This beautiful month of May will need you to be grounded and strong in your earthly ways.  You have much work ahead of you and will need every bit of strength to become the outright champion.  Do not be fickle in your choices of meditative herb this month.  Stick to a sativa during daylight hours.  

Your biggest foes you will face at work.  It will seem as if they are all coming at you at once.  Make the time to utilize the sativa early in the month and allow your brain to wonder and mull over each possible outcome.  You will be able to be more flexible this way and see who or what it is that needs to be conquered.   Yes, stoner Taurus it is only one that you absolutely must take on.  Giving yourself time to gain perspective will lead you to triumph.  The rest will fall to the wayside.

That warrior that grows inside of you this month will be remarkable in the realm of personal relationships.  By gaining much personal strength in your working world, it will pour into your self confidence and overflow onto others.  You will be noticed.  You will have choices.  Frankly some of them may scare you.  Be bold stoner Taurus.  Offer that hybrid smoke to your new found interest and watch the magic begin.