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Planetary Gambling

Question: What planets rule gambling?

Answer: Huh, not fortune or luck. But gambling.

All of them.  You got wrapped up into a little cosmic ball and thrust into your terrestrial space suit.  Some planets will feed your loathing appetite to lose.  Some planets may give you that logical push to play the cards right.  Depending who you are and where our cosmic space ship is in relation to the solar system.

But, if you think that is obfuscating hoopla.  Then check out this site for an interesting take.  Don’t click on anything, the web site comes off like an old German office building.

“If you want to find the dates of many of the biggest possible winning periods in your life, try the following: (you need a fairly accurate birth- time)

1. Progress your Midheaven and Ascendant by Solar Arc, finding the months when they form benefic aspects (all trines and sextiles, as well as conjunctions to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and sometimes the outer planets -especially Uranus, but only if the outer planet is well aspected in your birth-chart). You progress your Midheaven and Ascendant by adding a degree for every year that has passed since your birth. An example: Suppose a person’s Midheaven is at 18 Pisces 30, and they have Jupiter at 18 Leo 30. Their progressed Midheaven will hit the trine to Jupiter (at 18 Aries 30) at approximately age 30, at which time that person could expect an event ranging from good to excellent, depending on the strength and aspects made to Jupiter in their natal chart. Please note that this is only a rough way of calculating Solar Arc progressions. The actual value is normally a little more or less than a degree, depending on the zodiac-related speed of the Sun during the months following your birth, which gradually causes an error of up to a year or two in later life. It is best to use an accurate software program if you really want to get into this.”

Click here to see the article from luckydays.tv