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Pisces February 2017

Pisces, this February, it will be important to keep calm and to keep smokin’ on.  In order to keep the peace, it will be best advised to keep your piece loaded and ready to pass.  But, in order to get the most enjoyment out of your toking endeavors, be sure to maintain a solid level of observation of your immediate surroundings.  While you may be making positive progress towards your goals, it will be in your best interest to help those around you to get closer to their own successes.  As long as you give due diligence to the situation at hand, everyone involved will experience a time of positivity and growth.

Whether you are an individual who enjoys rollin’ one up, or whether you prefer to pack a freshly ground bowl, you will ultimately reach your end goal of peace.  As long as you stay diligent in your undertakings at work, you will be able to pursue unexplored aspects of the job.  It is important that you strike a beneficial balance between accomplishing necessary work tasks and making time to relax and reset on the home front.  Do not be afraid to follow your intuitions, especially when your inner voice tells you that betterment is just around the corner.

When it comes to interacting with those closest to you, stoner Pisces, keep it light and do your best to keep spirits high.  Whether this means passing the peace pipe or keeping it low key when disagreements arise, it will be important that you do your best to foster calmness.  You will directly affect those nearest to you, the effect that you have on them will be up to you.  Those closest to you may not necessarily call upon you to solve all of their problems, but you may be required to fulfill the position of confidant.  Just be ready to have an open ear…and an extra bowl to share if needed.

Pisces January 2017

Stoner Pisces, you are not one to be boisterous or demanding, but you do have desires.  It will be important to listen to those inner desires.  You may have distinct plans for the new year.  Don’t limit yourself or your abilities by ignoring your internal dialogue.  As cliché as it can sound, the heart knows what it wants.  So pursue your passions and curiosities, the ends will always justify the journey.  It may be best to stock up on the basics, however.  While the year is blooming in all its newness, winter is still unfurling.  When you have the chance, grab that extra eighth or backup bowl piece.  To translate; it is better to be prepared than find yourself lacking very necessary supplies, especially the green supplies.

When it comes to the workplace keep busy.  You will most benefit by keeping in mind the bigger picture.  That is to say, remember that you are part of a team.  While you may have the know-how and stamina to accomplish greatness, it will be more efficient to enlist the additional help from those around you.  And of course, two, three, or four brains will always be better than undertaking these tasks alone.  Plus, if your coworkers happen to also be four-twenty friendly, the smoke sessions after work will be all the better.  

Regarding your those closest to you, your inner circle, there will be good vibes all around.  This is not to say that you will encounter zero obstacles on your path of positivity, but that you will be able to address these easily if you are willing to make the effort.  If you are able to pick the weeds while they are small your spiritual garden will be able to blossom more fully.  Otherwise, just be the best version of yourself that you can be Pisces.  Those around you will only benefit from your authentic positivity.  

Pisces December 2016

Stoner Pisces, 2016 may have started off as a slow burn, but during the latter half of the year you have continued to turn up the heat and now are beginning the final month in a full blaze.  You continue to grow your person and in doing so continue to expand your potential and skills to the point where tasks that used to seem daunting no longer cause you to worry.  Your confidence is substantial and those around you have taken notice.  Just remember to take the time to think and rethink your next steps before you beginning your journey.  It is not that you will not experience success.  In fact, it is somewhat the opposite, since you are on fire in achieving personal goals.  It will be important for you to be sure that you are chasing what you want otherwise you will expend valuable efforts completing tasks that your heart wasn’t really set on.  As long as you put in the time planning ahead, you will have even more time to light one up and relax with a bowl basking in the afterglow of all that you accomplish.

At work, if you feel like you are getting roped into projects that do not pertain to you, it will still be okay to offer a helping hand.  Even if this means that you assist by getting done the “behind-the-scenes” tasks that no one else wants to do.  You may want to enjoy some extra Buddha when you’re at home.  A little extra meditation will go a long way this month as your peers may test your patience.  As long as you keep yourself grounded you will be able to handle the stresses or disagreements that may arise.  You don’t have to completely surrender your will to anyone else.  But, if you have made your side of the problem known, it will be okay if your ideas are not used.

Pisces November 2016

Stoner Pisces, you may not have complete mastery over the chaos or events that may come your way.  You do, however, have 100% control over how you respond to any and all surprises.  This month, you may benefit from a little extra herbal inspiration.  It may be beneficial to whip out the grinder, break down that sacred plant and take a toke when you have the chance.  Maybe you enjoy a bit of cannabis concentrate to help you contemplate what direction will take you the farthest.  Using these preparations will allow you to grind hard when the current circumstances require.  And, be sure, your path forward will certainly require much effort from you.  The upside is that if you decide to pursue these goals, you will have every tool needed for success.

Pisces, this “go get ‘em” attitude will be noticeable within all fields of your life.  Just be cautioned that you do not rush by important to-dos in your race to the finish line.  It could be recommended to stick to some sticky Indica. Its mellow tendencies might help you to oddly stay focused: whereas as a Sativa strain might cause your mind to race ahead of yourself.

The least demanding facet during November you can expect to be your homelife.  While other areas will require your input and efforts, at home you will be able to just be yourself.  Your lover, if you have one, will require nothing more from you other than to smoke a bowl and chill.  Even if work or other areas seem to be a little rougher going, you will have peace and solace in the safe space of  your home.  

Pisces October 2016

The weather may be cooling off as summer turns to fall; but, you stoner Pisces will continue your successful hot streak.  While the seasons changing would traditionally cause a downturn in your energies, you will continue to rock steady.  This means that it will be best for you to complete any of your to-dos before the days become too short.  Maybe it’s taking that last hike of summer, or visiting that new restaurant that you’ve been waiting to try.  Perhaps your goal is to meet new smoking buddies to hang out through the harshness of winter.  Whatever your aspirations are, you will have immense likeliness for success, so don’t wait–just make it happen.

It will be important to take that time to hike, or indulge in delicious foods or extra special herb.  Because those closest to you will require an immense amount of your time and energies.  But, don’t worry Pisces, there will be enough of you to go around.  Just remember that it is ultimately up to you as to where you invest yourself.  So, there will be no reason to feel bad if you can’t get to everyone.  Prioritize who is most in need of a friend with green–everyone will benefit from your efforts but you get to decide how many folks you will affect with your generosity and talents.
The one area you don’t want to skimp on is your significant other (if you have one).  This can also apply to family or friends closest to you.  Your positivity is contagious, but if you project the negative it can haze up a pleasant interaction with unexpected consequences.  If you need that little break, say maybe a smoke break to enjoy a sunset or a stroll to rest and reset, take it.  It will pay off, in the long run, to take those small moments to enjoy yourself.  

Pisces September 2016

Have you been having a solid summer, stoner Pisces?  Are you still vibin’ good and rollin’ through all of the challenges that have stood in the way of the goals you want to achieve?  This has probably been the case for you over the past few months.  And, the best thing is that you’re not done yet.  Your noticeable positive energies have had uplifting effects on those who are fortunate enough to know you Pisces.  Sharing is caring, and not just when it comes to the sacred herb—although that is always appreciated.  You have been more than generous with your efforts and abilities, and it continues to produce healthy growth in your life.  With all that you are paying forward don’t worry when you feel like you need to kick back with a freshly packed bowl and enjoy the greenery around you and in front of you.

At work, or whatever occupies your time and energy, you may be in for some pleasant surprises.  You may even have forgotten about seeds that you planted many, many moons ago.  But, they are sprouting and flourishing under your nourishing thumbs.  You already know Pisces, however, that getting to harvest does not mean that your task is done.  Then comes curing and trimming, which can be a labor of love.  So remain diligent in your actions, just remember that it feels much less like work when you are pursuing your passions.

Under no circumstances, Pisces, do you need to sacrifice your enjoyments or likes for others or a significant other.  But, you may be floating on cloud 9 and will not hurt to help friends or your lover to achieve the same.  The view from up high is beautiful…you’ll enjoy it even more if there is someone sharing it with you.  This September will be a time in which you will embark upon magical mary jane adventures.  Roll one up, invite your partner, and set off toward a wonderfully smoky horizon.

Pisces August 2016

Stoner Pisces, you’ve encountered great successes and accomplishments during the first half of 2016.  Your energies reached new heights as spring warmed to summer.  Now that the sun is here to stay, at least for a while, it will be crucial that you keep focused on your past achievements and future goals.  Although the weather is good you can expect the universe to challenge you to keep your cool.  But, don’t trip…take a rip.  That sweet smell of our sacred herb will help to remind you of what is most important.  At times a smoky brain can cause us to be sluggish or to become distracted.  In your case the pipe can help to tip your perspective into the side of positivity.

In the workplace you will need to take care of your business before offering a helping hand to coworkers.  While some do best with group projects, tackling tasks solo is your strong suit Pisces.  Jot down your to-dos and cross them off your list one at a time.  It may be best to keep the cannabis at home, however.  Separating work and relaxation time will allow you to decipher what troubles are external or which are self-inflicted.  You can expect work will not come easy, but you will get done everything you wish as long as you keep moving forward.  Only after you have burned through all that you need to get done should you offer help to your peers.

Simply because someone understands your way of thinking does not mean that the person agrees with you.  So, share the cannabis not the confrontation especially if you and your partner may are the best of buds.  Taking a hike will only make it more enjoyable when you decide to take a hit.  But, remember stoner fish, you don’t have to share everything with your lover or family members.  It is okay to take a toke when you are by yourself.  And if you are honest about it Pisces, you may even prefer soaking up some sunny rays with no one around for miles.

Pisces July 2016

Stoner Pisces, sow those seeds and you will see your investments flourish.  Just be sure to not spread yourself too thin.  The beginning months of summer should bring nothing but sunshine and good vibes, but it will be up to you to focus those energies to ensure that you are making progress in the areas that you want to see grow.  Your gut will not lead you astray, so when it says to go ahead and pack that bowl full of some of that ever so sweet sativa, don’t fight the feeling.  That sacred herb growing from magical gardens will only help to keep you grounded.  With a clear mind and a bit of cannabinoids keeping you calm, you will be able to stay on task and accomplish any issues–even the ones that seemed daunting will be manageable when we are able to put our best efforts toward them.

In the workplace avoid tackling those extra complicated tasks alone.  Your peers at work will be more than eager to lend you hand (or share a bowl if the stash jar is getting low).  They will not know that you need help if you don’t ask, however.  Be vocal with your ideas, but don’t ignore advice when others offer.  They are probably offering because they have been through similar situations.  Wisdom can be hard won, so when somebody is willing to help you learn something new without the hardships, embrace the opportunity.  Even though you may be working closely with co-workers this doesn’t mean you have to give everyone the same weight when it comes to making decisions.  In translation; not every idea will be worth keeping.

Just like your peers at work will be generous in sharing their time with you, remember to do the same at home.  Friends and loved ones may need you to help them out with personal issues, so make yourself available.  You may enjoy alone time at home to toke it up, but you already know that smoking with others is more fun for everybody.  If there is someone in your smoking circle that is not vibing with the rest of your folks, send them on their way.  Just because someone enjoys smoking the kind doesn’t mean that person is kind.  Keep the positivity going by sharing the green with those who are willing to keep the peace.  

Pisces June 2016

Pisces, this June should be filled with good times, and maybe even some of the best of times. With the Sun and wind at your back, you may feel like sailing off toward the horizon and leaving it all behind. Although this may sound appealing to fly away, you will find that slowing your roll will allow you to soak up all the positivity that this month will bring. Set your sights on what can be done, more locally. It will definitely not hurt to spend your toking time in an environment that allows you to expand your horizon–even if your favorite smoke spot is the couch. Settle into your newfound groove and keep it movin’. You will surprise even yourself with how serene the sunsets appear as you become more comfortable with your inner-you.

It is not to say, stoner Pisces, that you should take it easy this month at work. But, definitely find the pace at which you will be able to take it steady. Your personal state of Zen will be clear to coworkers and will be reflected in the fantastic quality of your work. You will prove to be an excellent cohort when it comes to collaborating on group projects. But, again, you may find that in order to keep your peace, you may need to keep your smoking circle small. Maybe even go on solo missions. If there is a new trail that you’ve recently discovered but have been waiting to travel, then June is the month. Load up your trail mix and water, and don’t forget your favorite lady Mary Jane. You will find that setting aside this solitary time for reflection will keep you energized for the moments that require you to be a little more present.

Pisces, you will be far from riding the wave during the start of the summer season. In fact, your personal life will be more like a glass pond moved only by the gentle evening breeze. Which will mean that if you do decide to make a splash, your actions will resonate far into the universe. You have the opportunity to shape your surroundings and those closest to you; what kind of impact you make will be up to you. If you are fortunate enough to have a PIC, a “Partner In Chronic,” that is, then the two of you will help each other keep firmly grounded and grow to new heights.

Pisces May 2016

Roll one up stoner Pisces.  And then roll another, and maybe even another to have ready for one of the many countless adventures you may find yourself embarking upon this month.  As long as you have a plan or intended destination it will be okay to stray a little from the designated path.  That is to say, you will be just fine if you decide to ‘blaze’ your own trail for a while—with the preparation time that you’ve put in, you will always be able to find your way back to the beaten roads more travelled.

With summer quickly approaching, your creativity may be nearing full bloom.  In the workplace, this means that problems and issues will not really be problems.  You’ll have the solutions.  Although you know that you can tackle anything that may arise, don’t exclude those around you from contributing or trying to help.  If an idea doesn’t seem like the perfect fit be sure to give it the time it needs to flourish.  Two brains are better than one and the same applies to bowls.  If you’re able to smoke with your work comrades keep the latter in mind.   

While you are busy figuring out the other logistics of life, your relationships are sure to follow suit and fall in line.  The only things to approach with caution are those close to you that are “always” right.  It will be a waste of those sunny days to try to argue or prove these people wrong.  Instead, focus on enjoying the conversation instead of the conflict.  Even if you disagree and you both know the other is wrong, you can both find peace knowing you were able to talk about it to begin with.  But, this should be the exception, not the rule.  Most of your cohorts would much rather take rips WITH you, rather than rips AT you.  So, don’t go looking for conflicts, but you will be able to rest “piece-fully” knowing a difference of opinions does not mean a friendship has to change.