Gemini February 2015

February will yield two very different paths for you, Stoner Gemini.  Venus and Jupiter will team up, and their negative influences will be quite apparent in your personal relationships.  Luckily, Mercury will have your back, providing assistance in your career successes.

With Jupiter and Venus working against you, you are likely to face a significant amount of problems, especially in the first ten day period.  If you’re still looking for that special someone, don’t expect to be struck with the love bug this month.  If you are currently in a relationship, you and your significant other may not be seeing eye to eye.  Now is NOT the time to push for resolution on pressing issues.  Sometimes you just have to breathe and let it be.  Meditating may prove to be an incredibly helpful tool for you during hard times.  If you are able to withstand the inevitable while maintaining your composure, you should be able to make it out of February barely scathed.  When you feel your emotions running high, do not act or make hasty decisions.  Keep calm, dab on, and remember that this too shall pass.

Keep your head up, Gemini.  Mercury will be able to bring some light to the darkness that is February.  Your planet ruler may be your only ally this month, bringing you a couple of positive opportunities.  Be ready to jump on them like a spider-monkey. You would be extremely foolish not to embrace these opportunities as they present themselves to you.   Although your opponents will be in full swing at this time, pay no mind to them.  Their efforts will be shattered faster than a cheap import pipe. Concentrate on yourself.  Your career can thrive if you are able to channel your energies into your work.

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