Capricorn May 2015

Oh Capricorn stoner, the month of May will bring confusion.  Your battle to survive in the gears of the societal machine will seem overwhelming at times this month.  You should take heed in May and plan for the struggle that awaits.  Trust yourself, and know that all projects, decisions, and tasks will eventually come to their own end with hard work and attention to detail.  The timing of the end of these items may not be as crucial as the work itself.

Stoner Capricorn, May can bring frustration or it can bring enlightenment of self examination.  You must continue to work hard on the current projects in your life, whether they are at work or at home.  However, your deadlines need to be adjusted.  The universal forces pounding down on you will prevent culmination in May.  At times your life force will feel zapped.

Thus the conundrum of May is exposed for you stoner Capricorn.  You must be able to balance studious efforts to stay on task, but yet take time for yourself to explore within.  To start the month of May you should get organized.  Stay away from the Indica strains of the sacred herb in this time as the Sativa will bring energy and insight into your tasks.  You should put off some task deadlines to give yourself more room to breathe.

Do not leave town on any important family or business trips in May.  You should put off travel while immersed in this confusing time.  Once you have your tasks and projects organized, you have to set some time aside to explore within yourself.  So many important revelations and answers will come from this that will aid in the completion of your projects in the future. The Indica strains of the sacred herb will be a tool to your inner searching, but only after you get organized and allow yourself time for yourself.

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