The Stoner Virgo is an independant soul that has strong introspective meditative skills with smoke sessions. The virgin is no rookie with cannabis.

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Virgo March 2015

As a stoner Virgo you are consistently breaking down barriers and stereotypes associated with the lifestyle of someone who consumes the sacred herb.  The battle for respect and legitimacy can be frustrating at times, but your fight is worth it. March may bring enemies to the gate of your mental house.  This harmful agent may be hiding in the weeds, and closer than you realize.  Negativity will surround your personal relationships like a cloud of skunk weed.  Be cautious and measured with your decisions and actions with close friends and loved ones in March.  Just because it feels like forces are against you, it doesn’t mean firm action is required. Chill out and relax, there is better use of your time in March.  Pouring yourself into work may be the best action to avoid the negative energies surrounding personal relationships.

As the tainted clouds fill your head with personal relationships, the comfy kushy clouds will form over your business dealings in March.  Stoner Virgo, March is the time to be diligent and take action in your business or at work.  Positive waves will crash at your door like a smooth reggae song with a productive beat.  The planets line up particularly well for the stoner Virgo with an entrepreneurial spirit.  March is a month where old projects and ideas will be fulfilled, and new ventures will be inspired and created.  If you are working for the man in the machine of society, don’t fret.  Advancement opportunities can be found in March for the stoner Virgo stuck in the machine.

Virgo February 2015

Virgo stoner get ready, get set, GO!  If you’re ready, February will bring the kind of freedom you seldom enjoy.  Nothing will stop you from enjoying the productivity you crave as obstacles will fall to the side and your ambition, inspiration, and attention will lead the charge through the month.  The only warning this month will come from within.  Productivity is dependent on action and inspiration.  Without those two attributes, you could waste the blessed opportunity February holds.

Spark one up!  Stoner Virgo, the first half of February is crucial to develop your ideas and plans.  Stick to the strains that you feel are most in touch with your creative side in the first half of the month because honest reflection and analysis will be required to develop your plan for moving forward.  Bob Marley, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

Don’t lose focus stoner Virgo.  The second half of the month will be the time to put your plan into action.  February is the perfect month to take the creative inspirations you have developed and implement them into reality.  The free flow of ideas and the action to implement them will feel fantastic as you have a tail wind at your back.

For stoner Virgos lucky in love, February will be fortunate as negative forces will be held at bay.  There is good and bad news regarding relationships in February.  The good news is there will be a significant event which could make a major impact on your life.  The bad news is that you can’t dwell on this significant event or try to impact it.  Embrace your mellow stoner side Virgo because you can’t control this potential event.  With negative energies at a minimum you will successfully navigate the major relationship event with confidence and decisiveness.  Just be you! 😉

Virgo January 2015

Stoner Virgo, January comes with a battle you can win.  Forces are moving against each other with amazing possibilities of confidence and understanding in front of a backdrop of negative energy pushing against you.  January will feel like riding the roller coaster of a powerful edible.  But you’ve got this pot brownie under control, you are in charge in January.  Take a firm grip, and understand the roller-coaster is part of the journey.

For stoners with an entrepreneurial spirit January brings a powerful month where actions can have powerful effects. All hope is not lost for corporate warriors stuck in the machine.  If you put forth your best effort, January will bring advancement and promotion in the workplace.  January is the time to take risks and be confident in yourself.  Avoid the paranoia and couch lock of the Indica strain and feel the impact and empowerment of the Sativa.

Oh stoner you are no dummy in January, the month brings power not just in the workplace but among your personal relationships.  Lives of friends and family will flow in harmony as if you are coordinating their impact in your life.  No one is going to anoint you grand Kush master this month, you must seize the opportunities and make your own decisions to accelerate the positive energies January holds.