The Stoner Taurus is reflective and thoughful. Meditative smoke sessions keep this bull grounded and strong.

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Taurus December 2015

Stoner Taurus, December will be an incredibly positive and bright life stage for you.  You energy levels soar so high that even those who come into contact with you can’t deny their power right now.  Your optimism will give you a refreshing outlook on your life and your future.  Your chakras are in alignment, and your mental and physical health will be in full force.  You will be riding a natural high all month long.  Having a little stash of pre-rolled J’s on hand would best suit your vibe this month, especially considering how often you may find yourself in an unexpected smoke session with a new friend.

You may experience a new found clarity this month, breaking down a mental blockage that had been affecting your work for some time now.  Once you have gained access through this barrier, progress will continue at a rapid rate.  There may be a project that you’ve had on the back burner, that you are finally ready to tackle.

You are empowered by your ability to give the gift of love so generously.  You get back what you put out, and the world around you receives your love and sends it back full force.  While some people don’t believe in luck, you might want to consider entering some kind of contest or buying a lottery ticket while the stars emanations are affecting you so strongly.

Taurus November 2015

It may feel like the Universe is conspiring against you during November, stoner Taurus.  Most aspects of your life will become sources of stress for you.  Your career, significant other, friends and family; it will all be directly affected by the negative energies the planets have created for you right now.  The most important thing you can do for yourself this month is to remain true to yourself, and put your wants and needs above all others, no matter the outcome.

As far as work is considered, don’t make any permanent decisions unless you are sure that is what YOU want.  To avoid any extra tension, you should definitely listen to the input of your co-workers, friends, and family so they know that they are being heard.  However, you should completely disregard their opinions and do not factor them into your thought process.

Finances may suffer this month, so avoid any extra spending.  I would HIGHly recommend using any extra money on some really good herb to help you smoke about and forget about all the chaos that November will bring.  If you end up having multiple nights in with your pipe and Netflix this month, I will not hold it against you, especially since you are having such difficulty connecting with others anyway.  Despite what seems like an all-around bad situation, if you keep a positive mind-set you will surely be able to handle anything that is thrown at you, and the shimmering light at the end of the month will not seem so far away.

Taurus October 2015

You’re set up for some smooth sailing this month, Stoner Taurus.  During October, the Cosmos are perfectly aligned to supply you with nothing but positive reinforcements.  Overall, life should be pretty “chill”.  You are calm and collected, full of energy, and focused.  You don’t need to worry about any seriously pressing issues interrupting your flow. You have everything you need to confidently succeed.

Take advantage of all that extra energy you’ve been given this month and put it to good use!  You will have many unique opportunities present themselves to you.  They will not be necessarily ‘easy’ tasks, but through persistence and self-discipline you should come out on top with minimal setbacks.  Believe in yourself, and others will follow.  If the workload starts to pile up, it is okay to accept help.  Just be sure that the intentions of the person trying to help are of good nature.

As for your personal relationships, keep that cherry lit!  It is important that you continue to nourish your relationship, as this is a crucial time for growth.  Get creative, and keep things interesting.  Use the creative power of a Sativa to help you brainstorm new and exciting activities that you and your partner can enjoy together.  If you are a solo-stoner at this time, your true friends will find great joy out of your company, so avoid going into hermit-mode in your down time.  Your vibrations are so high right now, Stoner Taurus.  It would be a shame to keep to yourself.

Taurus September 2015

Stoner Taurus, patience will be your saving grace this month.  If you are not careful, September has the potential to bring many situations that will be stickier than freshly heated resin.  Arguments with your friends or colleagues is more probable than you’d like to think.  Don’t sweat the small stuff; it’s inevitable.  Inhale green goodness, exhale brown bull.  

Trying to fly under the radar will be in your best interest this month.  Do your best to not to overstep any boundaries or give your unsolicited input on a topic.  Yes, we all know your highly opinionated, and (odds are) you’re probably right, but bite your tongue and keep it to yourself for now or you’ll have no smoking buddies left by the end of the month.  Remember:  Patience is key.  If you can silently watch from the sidelines, and focus on yourself, you’ll gradually start to see things smooth over by the end of the month.

It is likely that you’ll be feeling conflicted or confused about some major issues.  Know that it’s not the ganja clouding your mind.  Just keep on that righteous path you’ve been on for the last few months.  You are very intuitive, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. Although you’ll be laying low, you can still help to raise your vibration.  It has to start from the inside out.  Love and acceptance conquers all.  Now is a good time for inner reflection and it would be wise to escape the social beckonings of others at this time.  Grab your sacred herb and your favorite traveling pipe, and head for the hills.  Nothing is more satisfying to the soul than connecting with nature, and what better way to say goodbye to Summer?   

Taurus August 2015

The month of August will be an overall peaceful month for you, Stoner Taurus.  You have an overwhelming support team keeping you out of harm’s way and deflecting any negative energies right now.  Although you will feel an overall sense of contentment, this month will have your energy levels cashed out.

With such low energy levels, don’t set your sights in the sky.  Try to be more realistic.  Take this time to perfect your work and cementing the accomplishments that you’ve already made.  With the creativity boost of a great sativa, you might come up with a more productive process for a current task.  Try to take it easy with the smoke therapy; even sativa can have a way of knocking you down, making you even more sluggish than before when smoked in excess.  Let’s not be hot boxing any offices now 😉

While the planets are protecting you this month, have no doubt that your lover, now more than ever, is your rock, your savior, your serenity.  You will spend a lot of time basking in each other’s glow and love for the other.  The best part is that it will not have to be forced.  There’s nowhere you’d rather be during this time.  It might be a good time for the two of you to escape the rest of the world and just relax.  The connection between the two of you is so strong right now, you won’t need Maryjane to get high!

Taurus July 2015

Stoner Taurus, July will be an overall positive life stage for you, especially in the way of finances which should be a nice change of pace for you!  Your only real issues this month will stem from your ability to keep your emotions in check.  My advice is to keep your smoking habits a little on the lighter side this month.  Thus making it less likely to get caught up in a negative downward spiral that could come if you hyper-focus on any negative feelings for too long.  A nice Indica will provide you with the relaxing sensations you seek, without all the foggy brain.

You will be presented with many new opportunities for financial gain if you are paying close enough attention.  They will more than likely come outside of your day job, and could open the door for a new career path if you are able think outside of the box.  Identify your personal strengths, and choose the opportunity that you think will best suit you.  If you puff, puff, pass on one opportunity, don’t worry, the right one will reveal itself in good time.  Have confidence in yourself and your decisions.  Only you can know what suits you best.

In the way of personal relationships, July will be a relatively pleasant time for you my stoner Bull.  It will seem that you and your lover are in perfect harmony with one another.  Don’t let this time go to waste!  Try to plan a vacation together or a series of mini dates, even if it’s a couch-locked cuddle session while binge watching Netflix.  The one on one time will definitely be appreciated.  However, there may be someone else in your life that is causing you stress.  Stoner Taurus, whether you like to admit it or not, you have a tendency to be quite stubborn in your ways.  Take a step back, LISTEN, and think before you speak.  You are not always right.  On the other hand, if you can approach the situation in a calm and mature manner (keeping all high strung emotions at bay):  You will be able to tell if the issue can be resolved or if this person is doing more harm than good in your life.  Ultimately this will help you to feel good about the outcome however it may work out.

Taurus June 2015

June will be a month of powerful positive influences for my Stoner Taurus.  You will receive very positive energies that will aid you in the many life-defining moments.  These moments that you will encounter may be specifically directed to you or they may very well be in your quest to help others.  I suggest keeping your dug out with you at all times this month filled with a nice hybrid.  You will seek the many moments to have a nice quiet meditation all on your own.

Your career will not be at a standstill this month.  Duly note that by the end of the month, everything around you will change.  These changes will continue at a gradually increasing rate as time progresses.  It is best that you prepare yourself now, so that you can take all these changes with grace.  This does not mean that the Bull will not be presented with career opportunities at this time; rather, there will be many difficult obstacles that stand in your way.  Take a side line position and be as objective as possible.  Avoid making any serious decisions this month.  Keep it simple, stick to the basics, and continue to show your value by day to day tasks on a much smaller scale.

Your personal relationships will be where you shine brightly this month.  You will start to see your life purpose in a much brighter light than ever before.  Have no doubt that if your desires are pure of heart and not based on greed, the Universe will be there to help make sure you get you deserve.  You might have many people come to you for help.  It is your job to help guide them back to the path of righteousness.  Put all your effort into providing  a better, more loving place for yourself and those around you.  Be as patient and sympathetic as possible, and be free of all judgments.  Your light is so bright, especially now with the stellar positivity as your ally, and the world is counting on you to share all that love you have inside of you.  If you start to feel overwhelmed by all of the outside vibrations you will be exposing yourself to, take some time for good outdoor meditation session to reset.  They hybrid I suggested earlier will help to keep your creativity up and your body and mind at ease.  You mustn’t neglect yourself this month Taurus, as you are much needed in the Universe!

Taurus May 2015

Well Stoner Taurus, if nothing else were to go your way this month, at least most of you have birthdays to celebrate!  Luckily for you, that is not the case!  It seems, you have a lot to be optimistic about during May.  Energies will be riding high and your overall physical and mental health will be in fantastic shape.  This will be a great time for you to do some self reflection and growth.  You may need to do some work on balancing those chakras.

This month you should really try to see the weed jar half full, as you will experience many more successes than disappointments.  During the first ten day period, it may feel as if you are standing still and your life is changing drastically around you.  Try to get your thoughts in order before acting.  You might be able to find serenity with meditation.  You can decide to stay stuck in your own conservative ways, or you can jump on board the train to progression and reap the benefits.  If any problems do arise, just take them on one at a time.  Be efficient and fair; do not waste precious time and mental energy over thinking your decisions.  After the 20th, you can expect an increase of incoming finances.  Don’t forget to spark one up from time to time to treat yourself for all the great work you’ve been doing.

While your cash flow and career are flowing smoothly, you may find difficulty maintaining relationships to those close to you and you may have to put forth a little extra effort.  Be forewarned: around the second ten day period a deep rooted problem may come bubbling to the surface that requires your immediate attention.  Whether it is a question of commitment with your significant other or an issue that has been left alone with a close friend, do not avoid it.  Be honest and sincere, and whatever you do, do not find yourself caught in a lie.  The truth has a way of always rearing it’s ugly head.  Have the confidence to stand behind your decisions, and know that the outcome at the end of the month is, it is truly up to you!

Taurus April 2015

My dear sweet and stubborn stoner Taurus, April will prove to be a difficult row to hoe.  Think of April as a month of personal and entrepreneurial growth.  You will be given enough of life’s energy to get through this.  Please brace yourself and keep the sacred herb around for times you need to reflect on the happenstance of negativity that will surround you .

As for the happenstance of negativity, it is just that.   In the workplace you will need to do your best to separate yourself from what negative influences surround you.  This does not mean to drift off into the couch lock of the sacred herb and float by!  Pay attention to what is happening but do not invest yourself emotionally.   If you’re a business owner expect a less profitable month.  You can change how things are done, but honestly what is going on just needs to be worked through.  If you are an employee it is time to become more productive than you have been before.  If you can, take some time off as not to let April get you down about your job.

In the realm of love my stoner Taurus, be prepared to deal with some sticky icky and I’m not talking about the herb.  Absolutely do not instigate anything with your lover in the beginning of April.  Stay away from depressants and stick to a strain of herb that will allow you to keep mellow.  Whatever the problem is you can handle it without a fight.  Later in the month you will have to make the decision to let it go.  Whether it is bitterness, anger or resentment it all must go.  If you cannot it will be awhile before you can move forward.  Whatever the circumstance is you need to face it and take responsibility for your decisions.

Taurus March 2015

Stoner Taurus, you are going to experience an overall sense of balance during the month of March.  Although you may find yourself coming to a few crossroads where it is necessary to make some definitive decisions on an issue.  Don’t ignore your intuition.  While the “right” choice might seem like it’s lost in a smoky haze, your soul will guide you down the right path.

When it comes to your personal relationships, you and your partner may find a long standing argument that has been dormant for too long start to bubble up again.  It is preparing to explode if it’s not dealt with.  It is time to finally try to resolve the issue and gain some clarity and peace of mind at last.  Now is not the time to act out of passion.  Think before you speak.  You’ll want to be aware of your emotions, but you must not let them take control of you.  If it starts to feel overwhelming, take a smoke break.  It’s like a medicated breathing exercise.  If you are alone, don’t think you’re off the hook.  Taurus, you are, and will always be, your own worst enemy.  You might start feeling old criticisms or issues about yourself resurfacing; rather than picking up an old fight with someone else work on these issues.  Recognize them and deal with them.  Like Bob Marley said, “none but ourselves can free our minds”.  Shed all that negativity you’ve been carrying around for so long.

The professional outlook for you, Stoner Taurus, all depends on the position you hold.  For the Average Joe, your career for this month looks like it’s some pretty smooth sailing.  Normal tiffs with co-workers may arise, but aside from that, feel free to kick back, relax, and enjoy.  The Taurus entrepreneur will unfortunately have to deal with more unpleasant situations and decision making.  Not only will you struggle to reach your competitors, but your partners and yourself will not be seeing eye to eye.  Just remember to stay calm, and your intelligence and confidence will be your key advantage in any situation.