Water Sign – The Scorpion – October 23 – November 21

The stoner Scorpio may be considered a wild card in the stoner Zodiac. The combination of psychic skills and calculated long-term planning creates a mysterious perception of the stoner Scorpion. But who wouldn’t want a clairvoyant careful planner in their smoke circle?

The stoner Scorpio draws a lot of their universal intentions from the emotional realm. As with life and roller coasters, emotional based navigation can lead to ups and downs. A well balanced hybrid strain like Mango Kush or Cheese is the best match for the stoner Scorpio. The sacred herb can balance mood while enhancing their third eye vision.

Be gentle with a stoner Scorpio when they enter your smoke circle. The stoner Scorpion is guarded among bud loving buddies, but they really open up once they become a close cannabis companion.

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Scorpio December 2015

Ready? GO! This December the stoner Scorpio will be in for a busy and emotional time.  Think of it as a very positive stage in your growth as an individual.  If you have a stoner Libra friend, it is time to call on them for a lesson in balance.  Balance being your key term this month.

Work will be a blaze of projects for you my fiery friend.  Keep a well balanced hybrid in your vape pen for those moments of stress.  You must at all costs keep business just that.  Do not take anything personally or make any situation at work personal in any way.  Business is business.  Keep it that way and you will be most successful in the days to come.  By keeping diplomacy up at work, you can take your exaggerated fire to the bedroom.

Speaking of love and personal relations:  Smoking Scorpios need to put the ones they hold dear ahead of themselves in December.  Do not allow for lethargy to leak into any of your personal relationships.  You hold the reigns right now, use them to snap some fun into your lives.  If you have a special request, make sure that you are specific.  You may find yourself reiterating, but it will be worth it.  There is a lot of room for romance, but you must take the lead.  May I suggest making a batch of special brownies with your partner?

Scorpio November 2015

Good vibes are flowing all around the stoner Scorpio like a well percolated bong rip.  When the sun is in your sign good things are bound to shine on you!  For the most part you will have an amazing month of November; full of activity both mental and physical with only a few not so awesome surprises.  Stay focused on the good and just put these lil possible upsets on the back burner so you can avoid them.

Stoner Scorpio you are a well chiseled mind and this month you will be putting all your wits to work for you.  New ideas and implementations that surround your job will come to you in a fierce energy at the beginning of the month.  I see heavy sativa strains in your days this November.  They will enhance your thought processes and calm your energies enough to make you extremely proficient!  Around the last third of the month be wary on decision making.  If you have any doubts put it off.  Also you will be very overwhelmed with your workload after all the new ideas you’ve sprouted start to take formation.  Make sure you ask for help.

In your personal relationships be prepared to be going places and expect the unexpected.  These surprises can be both good or hindering.  Pay attention to your romantic partner and you will heed off any lovers spats easily.  Lose focus and you’ll be in for a rough ride.  Your love life will be interesting and for the most part fun.  It is your personal friendships you need to look out for the most.  One of your closest smoking buddies could really turn the tables on you.  Remember just because they let you down you do not need to retaliate.  Karma is a bitch.  Go find your love and enjoy some Ohm moments with a nice indica.  They will remind you how great life truly is.    

Scorpio October 2015

It is time to breathe in that crisp fall air and let it refresh your body and spirit, my smoking Scorpio.  Do whatever you can to get enough rest as you will be needing to pull together all your life force for the month of October.  To no avail you will boom in business and swoon in love, but, you must not be worn out.  

Paying attention to your Lover’s mood this month will increase the connection you already have in play.  Neglecting it will make a stink like the resin from your college water pipe.  That’s right your lover will provide you a nice safe haven away from all the hustle and bustle that is going on in your working world. Sit back and enjoy a nice indica smoke break with them and focus on your dreams and aspirations.  For my single Scorpios take this month to enjoy your cannabis companions you are in need of catching up!

Your actions and decisions this month have the potential to make you Legendary Scorpio.  Grab the CBD oil during working hours this month as you will not need any extra enlightenment during working hours.  There are many ways your month can play out in the business world.  Be prepared to tackle an onslaught of new projects that will propel you into your new future.  If one stands out more than the others tackle that one first as it will be your platform for greater things.  

Scorpio September 2015

The first month of fall for my stoner Scorpios will be a true test of your endurance.  Have you been keeping your emotional and mental abilities strong and sharp?  Your intuition and keen mind will be your only allies this month as the sacred herb will only do so much to help you.  When you are working or in the company of people you love you will need to be paying attention.  If you must rely on your herb, be cautious of the strain and amount you are using.  Now is not a time for deep meditation or couch lock.

If you are able, put the pipe down during working hours  in early August.  The beginning of this month will have you feeling like you have been placed in a straight jacket.  Whether this situation is being forced on you by your competitor or yourself, you will need to rely on your prior preparedness.  You cannot avoid all possible negative situations this month.  Knowing this ahead of time will help you to minimize the damage by doing your best to avoid certain situations all together.  The best advice I can give you in your work this month: Steer clear of signing anything.

Scorpios are strong, fierce and faithful  lovers.  On the other hand you can be resentful, manipulative and ruthless in the face of love.  You may find that you need to put your cannabis companions on hold this month as you are in for a wicked storm.  The better you know your lover the better in tune you will be to their weak points.  Spend time with them and help build them up or be forewarned this storm will be an epic event.  If you are new to your relationship you will need to fasten down the hatches and figure out if you are willing to put in the time to figure it all out.  Blessed be the single Scorpio, take this month to heal yourself from all the combating at work.  Things will look up for you again, do your best to keep an open mind.

Scorpio August 2015

If you feel like you cannot breathe stoner Scorpio, know that it will not last forever.  This August you must do your best to be your own positive voice.  The beginning of August will be your greatest struggle in both work and play.  Keep your favorite strain of herb close to you and lean on it when needed.

My advice to you in the working world was sung best by Jerry Garcia: “Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.” Though your work will be stable, do not make any major decisions or sign any contracts.  If you do you’ll find yourself a fool on the ship set out to the cruel  sea of emptiness.   Know that you will be surrounded by many who wish to be the fool and it could prohibit you from completing your tasks at your usual above par standard.  If you can hold back any overreactions now; by mid month you will feel stronger.  Even with this strength pulsing through you, stay on the path and do not rush anything.

Love is not what the cosmos has in for you this month.  I strongly suggest putting off any new romantic endeavors until later this year:  If you are looking for a significant other I urge you to pay attention to this.  As well meaning as your intentions will be, the outcome will be disastrous.  If you are in a relationship you will need to stay kind yet focus on other areas of your life.  Your circle of friends is in need of your presence.  You will have to stand your ground at some point.  Do not fret if there are no allies, you will prevail.  Take a vape pen with you and make sure all stay on the enlightened path of the sacred herb.

Scorpio July 2015

This July all my smoking Scorps will need to be sure to stay rested.  As it has been with most of 2015 your financial and working worlds will be full of energy and positive outcomes.  The only way to insure this is to get your rest!  Do not dabble too heavily in the medibles this month but you may want a nice indica for your evening meditations.

There is an important project you are working on Scorpio.  You need to insure that it is at the best quality possible.  Look at it from every angle and flush out any possible problems that could occur.  Do not neglect the relationships you have with your partners or co-workers this month as they will need to be solid for the months to come.  Take it easy on utilizing your medication this month while on the clock.  I’m not saying you should lay down the pipe completely, just be cautious of where and when you utilize.  You need to be at your best everyday in July.

Be prepared for interpersonal chaos this month.  Do not worry yourself my stoner Scorpio.  This month will test you in ways that are not the most comfortable.  Please note: Scorpio you can and will handle this well!  Stay focused on your needs & take time for yourself.  No matter how long that time may be, you need to figure things out on your own terms.  Breath and let it be during your evenings.  Its time to use that beautiful pipe you keep for special occasions.  Not all celebration pipes need to be utilized in great cheer, sometimes they need to be brought out to remind us that there are good times to come.  That is true this month.  Let it serve as a reminder that you are here because of past choices and will go further with the new ones you’re making in July.

Over all my dearest Scorpio July will shape up nicely. Focus on your accomplishments.  Make your own choices.  Feel good about how far you’ve come in 2015!

Scorpio June 2015

Stoner Scorpio June will be filled with successes and failures.  Both can be positive if you choose to stay kind and level headed.  My advice is to keep the medibles to a minimum and stick to a nice hybrid for your times of contemplation and celebration.  When you feel the upsurge of success in one area of your life you will feel the down swing in another.  Hold tight as the month can and will pull you out even if you’re wise.

The majority of your most celebrated success will come from your work Scorpio.  You will find you are capable of much more than you ever thought.  Your responsibilities will increase and you will shine because of it.  If you need a break at work meditate with a vape of your favorite hybrid.  You will then see that your new found capabilities will bring much needed self respect that helps to keep you calm and collective during all your working hours.  Your perspective will burst open around mid month and you will see a much bigger picture for your future.  Remember when helping others you must first make sure you’ve helped your self and all things will go smoothly this June.

Your best bud will be your source of stability this month my smoking Scorp.  You will need them to give advice and they will need you to be open to the positivity they can shine on you.  You will need them because times will be stressful on your love front.  Many of the issues that will arise in June are due to mistakes you’ve made in the past.  You will need to finally learn from them before you can move on.  After your realizations, your main job will be to help your partner realize that all things can be worked out.  Be kind and patient and whatever you do be mindful of the words that you spew.  Any slight from you now will cause an explosion.  Try talking things out during a nice peace pipe session.  For my single Scorpio’s take the high road this month with potential lovers.  You will find it liberating without offending the doors that are open.  

Scorpio May 2015

Action equals Success.  Action equals Success!  Are you getting this Scorp?  My cannabis companion, you cannot afford to be couch locked this May!  Yes you will have reasons to celebrate!  Yes you will have time for you and your loved ones and yes this is going to be a stellar month for you.  So keep that pep in your step and pick the right stain for the right occasion!

Your love life will be blissful if only you let it be.  The universe is showering you with positivity in the love department.  If you’re in a long term relationship you will reach a whole new kind of high.  This is better than the meditative state of that indica medible you tried last month.  Whatever you had in the past will be crystallized into a new better picture for the future.  If you are single, May is the month to put those dreams into action.  They are just waiting on you my dear Scorpio.

You’ll also be very happy you saved all that pollen from your grinder for the past month as you will be using it to celebrate one of the  biggest & best shindigs you’ve put together thus far.  Round up all those friends you have not seen in months or even years and show them why you’re the best host around!  It is an event that will be talked about for years come if you put it into ACTION!

Your working realm will be just as spectacular as your social life this month.  In fact, stoner Scorp, you will see just how much you’ve laid as a foundation in your working world.  Not to mention how big it will actually grow!  In May all your colleagues will be on your side.  Do not let any little disturbances cause you worry as they will dissipate just like your clouds of vape.  Remember the word for this month is ACTION!  Take action and watch your financial situation skyrocket.  You are the master of your destiny.  Make sure you are the one to choose your own path.  

Scorpio April 2015

What an interesting month April will be for my smoking Scorps!  Business is booming and your ability to take on more responsibilities is impressive at this time.  Love will prove to be tricky though you are more than qualified to handle all that comes your way.

The month of April will call on all your abilities of charisma in matters of the heart.  You will need to be strategic in your words and actions to keep things smooth and kushy.  This does not mean that you should get couch locked on indica and let your lover get their way in every matter.  You must keep your stance until after the new moon this month.  Then pack up that indica or hybrid and enjoy some much needed tenderness with your loved one.  Single?  Don’t doubt your abilities and if you are choosing to be critical of others be diplomatic in your approach.

Business is going to be one sweet & delectable medible for you this April!  Though you will need all pistons firing so save that treat for the weekends!  As I stated before:  Take on new tasks and pay attention to all the things going on around you.  You do not have to have all the information, just know the general gist of the waves around you.  Working for yourself?  Have no doubt that your instincts are correct in every matter this month.  Working for the man?  Do everything you can to learn more about the business you are a part of.  My only warning is to steer clear of showing any ignorance.

Scorpio March 2015

March will be a bag of nugs for you this month stoner Scorp.  You may find a few seeds nestled in the bottom of that baggy but, you’ll make the most of it.  Over all March will feel like a warm hug from the universe.  Take this month to make your platform.  Then jump off and soar into the spring months.

This month you will find the most positive affirmations coming in from your work. As the old saying goes “March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb” and right around the 10th your vision will be clear and business will be on a new level of high. Your initiative is noticed and is the foundation you are about to jump off of! Continue to analyze, organize and set things into motion until around the 20th.  Use your time wisely at the end of the month and strategize to get the bigger things done and out of the way before April.  Do not overexert your efforts.  You’ll be so buzzed about work you won’t need much to keep you going.  Maybe keep a little sativa in the dugout, but I bet you barely need it at work this month!

If there are any seeds in your bag of goodies this month they will be in the sack of love.  Be attentive to the moods that surround you in your personal relationships this month.  Take heed to use what mother nature infused you with:  Charm, empathy and intuition will play a big role in keeping the calm around you.  It won’t hurt to keep a bit of hybrid available too. Be the leader you were born to be by not allowing problematic situations turn to full blown arguments.  A small word of advice if you’re in a relationship: Do not antagonize your partner.

Other than that my fellow smoking Scorp, enjoy your self this month! You deserve it!