Fire Sign – The Archer – November 22 – December 21

The stoner Sagittarius is the adventure seeking storyteller of the stoner Zodiac. They make the time between puff and pass so much more enjoyable within the smoke circle. The brave Archer is always on a quest for that exotic smoke spot.

All sacred herbal strains are open to the stoner Sag. They may have a connoisseur’s knowledge base, but they are down to roll any jay with any green. For the stoner Sagittarius, the process and experience is more important than the product.

Be forewarned: A cozy and comfy night with the sacred herb is not at the top of the stoner Sag’s list. Pack a portable pipe because the eager Sagittarius will have you trekking the terrestrial plane in search the next tall smoke circle tale.

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Sagittarius December 2015

Stoner Sagittarius, although the colder winter weather is settling in around us, yours is a time for blossoming.  Take this time to foster or finish up old to-dos.  Or maybe you want to begin a brand new list of tasks that you have been contemplating, but  just haven’t committed to quite yet.  While this December will be a time of prosperity and accomplishment, you will still have to organize your own efforts.  A lot can be accomplished, but the universe will not prioritize itself for you.

If it’s sticky and icky, try to make sure it’s a sativa.  The best thing you can do is to avoid the couch.  A nice sativa dominant strain will give you that little boost needed or the second wind at the end of the work day.  Please note; over utilizing the sacred herb could be a waste of your forward moving potential.  In short, just do your best to write it down before you roll one up–this will allow you to best optimize your extra energies.

Allow yourself to be surprised Sagittarius.  The stars conspire in your favor.  So spark up and embrace the mysteries ahead, it’s likely you will enjoy the novelty of what’s to come.  If you are tokin’ solo at the moment, maybe you will soon meet your ‘new bestest bud.’  If this is not the case for you or if you already have a special someone, remember that new discoveries are not made by sitting at home.  The weather is chilly, but grab a coat (and maybe your sneak-a-toke) and have a nice adventure.  It may be as simple as trying that new food joint you’ve been eyeing, or a winter hike through the woods, but there are new faces and places to see–get out there and discover something new.

Sagittarius November 2015

Stoner Sagittarius, grab the bag of shag, the secret stash of sacred herb, or the scrounge bowl salvaged from dresser drawers as you can expect November to be a time where you may have to hurry up and wait.  This doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to couchlock, you just may find yourself indecisive and in this particular case rushing will be of no help.  Don’t worry about feeling stagnate, Sagittarius, as there is little that you can do help fix the situation that may be at hand.  And this does not translate as meaning you are helpless, there are just sometimes where the universe brings us chaos—the best thing you can do is muddle through and look toward coming out the other side wiser and more patient than before.  Be cautious that you do not let the ambiguity of your own happenings flow over into the lives of those closest to us.  Although you may want to share that bowl with friends or family, remember that your ability to help may be restricted this month and you may contribute to the problem instead of bringing relief.

On the upside, all of the medicinally induced meditation at home you may be indulging will assist you in seeing through the potentially ill intentions of peers in the workplace.  This does not mean all of their actions are meant maliciously, but it may be recommended to go with the flow of events in our best efforts to keep the peace.  So, at home, be sure to keep the piece clean and some fresh Sativa on hand just in case the days are extra draining and you need a little extra comfort and help concentrating at home.

Sagittarius October 2015

Sagittarius stoner, you know well that the balance between work and play can be a delicate one.  But if you are able to distinguish between the two, October can be a very fruitful time.  Remember that you’ve gotten to where you are through your own efforts and success; it is not simply accidental.  New experiences are waiting around every turn, but they will be wasted if you are not ready to embrace them.

It will be important to use your weekend for some serious rest and relaxation.  A little quality time spent with mary jane on your Saturdays will allow you the time to recharge the batteries and unwind before the weekly grind.  But, be sure to remember the medicinal properties of your herbs.  Overuse can cause you to be sluggish and you’ll miss opportunities to keep up your speedy pace of accomplishment.

Although it can be assured that people will talk, it is your choice on whether you listen.  It is advised that take your time before offering your responses.  When it comes to your loved ones, allow yourself the time to give proper considerations to the big issues.  If this means enjoying a fresh bowl with just you, the sunset and the trees then do that.  Be sure not to disregard the helping hands of others, especially when that help can mean the difference between failure and success.  It’s usually a bit nicer at the top of the mountain when you get to share the view–and the herb. With the fall upon is, there will be much time to puff, puff, (pause), pass…and repeat as needed.  Listen closely to the conversations had at the smoking circle, the ideas you may find there will be much more substantive than smoke.

Sagittarius September 2015

Stoner Sagittarius, this month you may be feeling elated, like nothing can bring you down…and you’re probably right.  September brings for you a period when you are more than allowed to embrace your inner Zen.  With summer dwindling, it is recommended that you enjoy this time outside.  While the days are growing shorter, your list of things you want to do keeps growing.  Allow yourself to stay active and you will be able to complete more of that list than you expected.  Find a new smoke spot, or place to watch the sunset, or even better–find a spot where you can enjoy both!  But it’s not all easy riding, Sagittarius, do not neglect your physical body while your mind is keeping you so active.

Apply this same focus to your place of work and you will be able to see your results almost immediately.  When deciding what to tackle next, do not be too hasty.  You have the skills needed to accomplish all of your to-dos as long as you get the timing right.  It is probably best to keep the herb safely at home.  Your care and attention that you give to your work will get noticed, so it may better to get noticed for the big ups and not the ‘highs’.

Remember that there is a difference between being relaxed and being lax.  Don’t let your focus be distracted from the home life.  If you are lucky enough to get to pass the peace-pipe around to loved ones, pay attention to how they’re feeling.  It can be easy to overlook others’ emotions, but your abilities to notice the details can have great benefits to both you and those around you.

Sagittarius August 2015

Even if you’re not into surfing, feel free to ride the wave this August, Stone Aquarius.  Practice whatever it is that helps to promote your state of Zen.  Spending time basking in the positive vibrations that the universe is sending your way will help to keep your batteries charged and ready for the busy work.

When it comes to problem solving, either at home or on the job, don’t push too hard.  It is important to be assertive, but not if this means you’ll be replacing one problem for a different one.  When the big issues need to be solved maybe you’re approach is to go for a sativa to get the wheels of creativity turning.  Or, perhaps you stick with the more mellowing indicas to slow your roll and allow yourself the time to let the solutions sink in slowly.  Whichever your mode of operation might be, be sure to enjoy the process.  The proper meditation given to an area of life that needs extra attention will free up your mind and energy so you can better focus when the issue is resolved.

Apply this same meditation to matters of the home and nobody will be able to knock you off your path.  If you have a significant other, do your best to be patient.  Little things will get bigger only if you let them.  Don’t miss out on opportunities to grow in new ways because your own roots weren’t planted deep enough.  Once you feel like your foundation is solid, you will be able to share your strength and be a shelter to those closest to you.

Sagittarius July 2015

Sagittarius, it may be time to hit the road.  If you’ve been wanting to visit the coast, or simply go cruising and take the scenic route, seize the sunshine.  The day to day of the workplace will be slow moving for most of this month, but this doesn’t mean that you have to slow down.  Give it your best effort and eventually things will pick up steam.  In the meantime dedicate yourself to learning new things. Grab the ganja and your favorite travel piece and pick your destination.  Your significant other or best cannabis companion will definitely be down to for the ride!  Who is going to say no to the beach?

Steer clear of strains that promote couch-lock.  Sativas are more likely to match your energy levels and keep the wheels turning.  Take your camera with you, there will be things that you will want to come back to later for a closer look.  With everything feeling so fresh and unexplored, one of the biggest problems may be where to start:  Maybe it’s finding a new smoke spot or making herbal brownies, make a list of what it is you want to get done. You’ll have the means this month to find all kinds of outdoor chill spots and accomplish smoking firsts but only if you remind yourself to do so.

Personal relationships can only thrive with all the positivity you bring to every circumstance.  If you can find a pace that you are able to maintain and a strain that tastes great every time, then you’ll be able to share the kindness and the kind far throughout the summer.

Sagittarius June 2015

This June, stoner Sagittarius, your peace is tangible and those closest to you are able to share in this prosperous time.  Although you may feel like the whole world is your backyard, it could serve you well to build up your feelings of wellbeing in the places that are most familiar to you.  It’s great to take the time to light up the bowl, relax and enjoy the little things, but be sure to avoid the potential of couch-lock.  Keeping busy in the personal sphere can carry momentum into other areas that seem to be moving at slower paces.

It is likely that you will encounter conflicts in the workplace, but remember that it really doesn’t matter who is right or wrong.  Be sincere in your responses.  Your clear efforts towards finding solutions to these problems show your commitment to keeping the peace.  While these issues may not be solved by simply two people sharing a pipe, your creativity can be a valuable tool when approaching these touchy areas.  Winning the argument doesn’t always mean a conflict is settled.  However, your determination to reach lasting solutions will be a noticeable triumph.  Giving your full focus into finding permanent fixes will bring its own rewards.  Pay attention to the person instead of the problems and you may find a more common ground to begin reconciling differences that seem to shrink as our perspective grows larger.


Sagittarius May 2015

Stoner Sagittarius, it’s a big world out there, go and get it.  There is discovery around every twist and turn.  This month will be a good one to allow yourself to stumble across all things new.  Smoking sessions in the great outdoors will be highly meditative, but be mindful to take your time on developing opinions on what it is you find, over scrutinizing your discoveries can be counterproductive.  While the outdoors will definitely allow you to breathe a little bit easier, it won’t provide you a complete escape from other happenings.

Time at the workplace may seem hectic.  Focus on the tools available that will help to simplify some of the chaos.  Even if something seems disagreeable there still may be wisdom to harvest.  When there is a problem that seems just too big to handle; take a step back.  A smoke break at work may not be advisable, but it can provide much needed relief in the proper setting.

While your meditations bring about new realizations, do not expect those around you to come to the same conclusions.  Keep your smoking sessions to those closest to you, but don’t hog the conversation.  One of the benefits of having a smoke buddy in your midst is being able to allow the smoke and ideas to flow freely—the beauty is in the difference.  Let yourself be receptive to the diversity surrounding you and will expand your potential for peace.

Sagittarius April 2015

Stoner Sagittarius, this month your biggest challenge will be figuring out how well you know yourself.  It’s not necessary to avoid Sativa strains all together, just be mindful of the ones that have high potential for producing paranoia.  Otherwise, the expansive properties of Sativas may be just what the doctor ordered.  Usually, when we look around long enough the source of our problems present themselves, don’t forget to spend a little bit of this time in front of a mirror.  Reflecting upon all the small things we want to see differently about ourselves will be a great use of all the new-life energy that spring brings to you this month.  Know that our family and friends can help and support us in our conquest toward betterment, but you are the one who can give the green light to get the process rolling.

Sagittarius, remember that before the joint can be smoked, it must first be rolled.  In order to reap the benefits of our personal relationships, we must first invest our time into them.  This month, you will have all the tools necessary for great joints and to grow the connections of those closest to you as long as you are willing to put in the time.  Whether it is in the workplace or the bedroom your goals are more than achievable.  If you feel like something or someone is holding you back…it’s probably YOU.  Allow yourself the time for a breather, to take a bit of space to be alone.  These smaller breaks from the tasks or problems at hand will give you the chance to realize that a simple change of attitude or approach will make all the difference between small failures and big accomplishments.

Sagittarius March 2015

Sagittarius, this March you can get it done.  Whatever “it” may be.  If you are feeling doubtful about something, take the time to burn one down.  Allowing yourself the time to reflect and meditate on issues that appear to be cloudy can bring about a clearer vision of what the real problem is.  Breaking bigger issues into smaller pieces will make it easier to overcome the obstacles that seemed larger than they actually are.

In the workplace, don’t worry about what others are doing.  Keep focused on your own goals and watch how quickly the to-do list gets crossed off.  Spend less time wishing and more time doing as self-reliance will be crucial this month.  If you find that there are those around you being critical, let them talk.  While they waste their time talking about yesterday’s news, you’ll be ready for the happenings of tomorrow.

It is recommended that this March you and your loved one stick to the indica dominant strains.  Your lover, or close friends may be working through their own chaos and sativa strains may just further confuse the issues.  It will serve better to enjoy some nice bowls of something more relaxing, and being able to step outside of our own thoughts will bring a calmness that can only be helpful.  Remember, that although you are feeling at ease, this peace does not always come easy.  So after a long day of work well done, grab your piece and find your peace.