Water Sign – The Fish – February 19 – March 20

The stoney Pisces fish is the most mature and psychic of the stoner Zodiac. This learned stoner is a wonderful additional to any smoke circle because of their high minded noble aspirations and empathetic sensitivity towards their fellow tokers.

Do you need information on cannabis strains? The stoner Pisces may be the one to ask. Their high degree of intellectualism ascends them to the top of the cannabis connoisseur ranks. Don’t bring any schwaggy buds around this particular stoner.

Stoner Pisces are great cannabis copilots for road trips and smoke spot adventures. These kind adaptable creatures are capable of deep conversations puff puff passing the joint, and fun loving joy hot boxing the rig.

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Pisces May 2015

Stoner Pisces, it is important to remember to remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop—May has the potential to be a little bumpy.  Now, the good news is, you’ll be ready to rock it.  Your obstacles may be many, but you have the means and that particular Pisces finesse to turn each unfortunate situation into a personal win.  Of course, that’s the upside.  The downside is that this may mean you are loading fewer bowls and picking up the pipe a little less.  Be prepared as this will bring you a sense of alertness that will benefit problem solving in the long run.

In the workplace, it is recommended that you handle the small issues before they become big.  It may be wise to try to mimic the trees, but not the ‘trees’.  Like a new growth, be strong but limber.  Stand your ground, but don’t be stubborn.  This flexibility will allow you to be sturdy and at the same time stand tall against confrontational winds.  When time permits, grind up some green and allow yourself to get a little grounded.  Simply being more selective with smoking occasions will allow for more productive work, and also more productive relaxation.

And, what this means for love, is don’t go looking for fights.  Although the usual hiccup on the home front is sure to pop up, it is best to let trouble find you.  When it does, you will be able to charm it into submission.  This should not be seen as manipulative.  It is more than fair to pursue your personal goals, just do your best to guide with a gentle hand when doing so.  Remember that peace can be both a journey and a destination.

Pisces April 2015

This month, Pisces, remember the old saying of, “what goes around, comes around.”  So, hopefully you’ve been passing around some kindness and maybe a bit of the green stuff.  Some situations may leave us feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of where to head next.  Spend a little time picking out the stems and the seeds and you will find that the bowl you’ve managed to scrounge up isn’t so bad looking.  And even a few extra bowls this month could actually be to your benefit as we don’t want to be making decisions too hastily.  By taking the time to sort through the abundance of what seems to be chaos, you will learn that the directions of where to go next were already there.  You just need to look for them in the trees.

A midst all the hustle of the work place there is no need to make any drastic changes.  Do what is needed to stay on a focused path, April is not the time to be taking big risks in unexplored territory.  The best advice is to stick to what we know.  Keep to familiar strains to avoid unnecessary surprises.  By knowing what kind of affects your greens will have, you will be able to more efficiently apply those herbal remedies.  This same advice can be used with personal relationships.  By sticking to the tried and true we will be able to find support and guidance even when the trail appears hard to follow.  Don’t use up all that precious energy trying to go at it alone.  Investing into those who have been there all along, particularly that special someone, will remind us that it’s okay to lean on that person from time to time.  After all, it is much better to find ourselves lost with a friend than alone with our problems.

Pisces March 2015

Pisces, it may be true that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but this month it may be best to let them keep swimming by.  Don’t spend too much time seeking out a special someone.  Better sun is on the way as spring approaches, and all that energy it brings could be better spent on ourselves.  Maybe you’ve been waiting for a good time to start going a little greener?  More green in our bowl and more greens on our plates will increase that feeling of brightness and healthiness.  That extra energy you get from the feelings of well-being will make you a mean, green, goal-accomplishing machine.

Don’t be surprised to find your work and even your finances flourishing this month, and remember that it’s not by accident.  Feel confident in the work you do, and try to avoid any paranoia-producing strains you come across.  The only person that that will be able to hold you back this month is you.  So, if after a good days work you have plans to hit up your favorite outdoor smoke spot, don’t worry about the rain…just bring an umbrella.

Once you feel that your own growth is where you want it to be, you may feel more comfortable in inviting someone to get to know you from a closer perspective.  Use the creative powers of those sativa flowers to keep things fresh and out of the box.  As someone once sang, “The sky’s the limit”.  For you Stoner Pisces, this isn’t just a good tune to listen to this month, it’s your anthem.

Pisces February 2015

Stoner Pisces, this February you’ll knock it out of the park!  Your personal relationships will feel this hit of positivity exponentially.  Remember that you and all those you consider friends and family are playing for the same team.  Your excitement boosts the morale of those around you and everyone’s energy levels go up a notch.  This noticeable positivity flows over and personal relationship bonds are strengthened.

In the workplace you will dominate.  Not by putting others down, but by helping to lift them up.  This goes back to the old saying, “we get by with a little help from our friends” (maybe in the process, we can share a bowl or two).  This investment into others will build trust levels for all parties involved.  As each of you builds the others confidence your skills are sharpened and together you accomplish more than by yourself.  Even with this newly found team of support, don’t fret when things seem to pan out differently than planned.  This may just mean you have helped a member to accomplish one of his/her goals, but you both will get the point.

In personal relationships:  Your best bet is to invest only sincere feelings.  This may lead to a smoking partner becoming a best bud.  Make sure to meditate on the subject before making that stride.  However don’t linger too long in the smoke or you may end up second guessing your decision.  Trust your gut, but know your limits.  Once this balance is achieved the sky’s the limit, then it’s up to you to see how high you can go.

Pisces January 2015

It’s time to get down to business Pisces.  What do you want to create?  Where do you want to go?  Normally, you are more than happy to take on the role of passenger, but with the fresh start of the new year, it’s time to take the wheel for yourself.  But, there’s no need to be reckless (and driving under the influence is never a good idea).  Pick a destination and light up that fatty when you arrive.  Embrace that inner explorer that is saying, “let’s do this.”  Don’t worry if you have to stop to ask for a few directions or consult a map, but remember that where you are headed is ultimately up to you.  This month, seek out some Sativa dominant strains, maybe a nice 80/20 mix.  Its expansive and contemplative qualities will help you to soak in all the newness you find, especially within yourself.

Usually, Pisces, you find yourself floating toward others — especially that potential significant other.  But try starting this year focused on yourself.  Plant the seed of something beautiful on your own.  When it is blossoming later this year, you’ll be set to share its beauty with whomever you decide.  Instead of asking others what they’re smoking on, spend some time figuring out what your favorite strains are.  So when the time comes, you’ll be ready to pack that perfect bowl for two.

In January you will find yourself with extra energy and the desire to maintain that momentum.  Don’t drag down your focus needlessly.  Work tough—then smoke even tougher.  Keeping work and relaxation separate will allow you to set goals, and even remember to write them down.  Once the blueprints are jotted down, you’ll be ready to build something that will last long into your future.