Fire Sign – The Lion – July 23 – August 22

Stoner Leos are the leaders of the stoner pride. Passionate and theatrical, you can’t miss this stoner in any smoke circle. Capable of beer bongs and big blunts all in the same night, this stoner likes a challenge and loves the spotlight.

Although unapologetically selfish, the stoner Lion makes up for this with loyalty, consistency, and stability. They may not pack the bowl or offer a light, but they will always be there to share kind buds with cannabis companions.

The stoner Leo has no sacred herbal strain to avoid or lean on. The courageous lion gains insight and empathy from meditative smoke sessions. On the rare occasion this stoner finds a sour mood, seek a solo session to see things from a higher perspective.

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Leo July 2015

Stoner Leo, July brings a complicated time of the year.  The cosmos has presented a strong head wind of negativity in July, but thoughtfulness and care should provide you with the necessary weapons to shield you from these blistering winds.

The July cosmic headwind will not be as strong in matters of business and work.  Meditative smoke sessions early in the month should be used to target opportunities and contemplate new alliances.  You will have the energy to take on new tasks and increase your work-load.  Pay attention to the details because creating your own efficiency with your time will be critical to accomplishing important projects in July.  Inspiration coupled with organization will be the winning formula.

Leo stoners will find the strongest negative headwind in their personal life in July.  Any issues that have built over time with cannabis companions, a lover, or friends will come spilling out.  Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to fully shield you from the cosmic negativity.  Patience and understanding will be the key to minimize your losses.  The sacred herb will help you make it through.  Sometimes you need to smoke about it, and forget about it.  You should not seek resolution or justice from your perspective in July.  Just breathe and let it be … positive solar emanations will return in the future.

Leo June 2015

Stoner Leo, you must find your navigational bearings in June.  Without a road map through June, you could be in for a roller coaster of emotional swings in your life.  The good news is that if you have a plan, and stick to it, the celestial bodies will provide a warm solar wind at your back.  You can accomplish anything in June with organization and planning.  If you lose attention and float through the month, that same solar wind could burn you.

Seek the guidance of the sacred herb early in the month.  The sativa species can help with creativity and imagination when it comes to life and goal planning.  The universe has provided an excellent opportunity to excel and thrive in June, but it all starts with an honest assessment of where you want to be.

I have presented the positive light of looking at your potential for June.  Please be warned that if you float and daydream your way through the month, you could be rocked in negative directions from both your personal life and work.  Knowledge and understanding of what you want to accomplish with a lover, friends, and your workplace is the key to your success and happiness in June.  Puff puff pass with a plan 😉

Leo May 2015

Stoner Leo, May will bring a month of challenges, but isn’t that just the way life is?  Cosmic universal forces aren’t out to get you in May, but they aren’t on your side either.  May could bring a state of lethargy to your life.  This is the main enemy of the month.

You must decide for yourself:  Are you a creative stoner that is propelled to action and creation with the sacred herb?  Are you apt to laziness and procrastination when you enjoy the sacred herb?  This question must be answered because the obstacles you will face in May will require precision decision making and creative action.  You must decide for yourself if this is a month to let the pipe lay or spark up your favorite Sativa strain.

You must see through the clouds that will obstruct your view in May to see what is really important.  You may not be able to solve all of your problems and projects, but you can achieve progress in May with precise decision making.  The clouds of May could trick you into procrastination and putting off key decisions.  See through the clouds because they obstruct the dangers that lie in wait.  Your problems will increase and your projects will see further delays if you do not make the key decisions in May.

Be active!  Participate in your life, don’t let the clouds of May get you down.

Leo April 2015

Stoner Leo, the sun will not shine down upon you in April.  There are times when you need to hold your head up high with pride and direct life; and then there are times when you need to keep your head down and perform the groundwork necessary to keep life moving.  April will be a period of difficult work for the Leo stoner, but hard difficult work is not beyond you.

Moderation, coping, diligence, and attention are the words that come to mind when I try to guide you through the difficulties that April will bring.  Moderation with the sacred herb to keep your head squarely on task.  April will be a grind of a month, and the sacred herb will help you cope with the mundane.  Diligence must be paid to the details in your daily life.  Attention must be given to your loved ones, especially your lover.

Whether you are the boss or a line worker, April will bring a long slog of work.  You must pay attention to details to hold your position.  Rash or expensive decisions should be held for the future.  Work will allow you to get through this strange inactive time.

The sacred herb can inspire creativity and create a wave of influence.  This is the stoner Leo’s normal mindset with smoke sessions.  However, stoner Leo, you will need to lean on the coping and soothing properties of the sacred herb in April.  It may be time to try that Indica strain you have avoided in the past.

The most important guidance I can provide to you for April is this:  Pay attention to your loved ones in April.  This month could bring a nasty transition if you neglect your lover.  Palling around with friends or drinks with the ladies is always fun, but staying at home to spend quality time with your lover and family should take the priority in April.

Leo March 2015

Stoner Leo, March is a month of transition for you.  As moods and seasons try to break away from winter and find the renewed energy of spring, the stoner Leo is stuck in a state of flux in March.  Boring can be celebrated!  There is no push and pull between positive and negative energy in March for the stoner Leo.  You have an open path to pave your way and create your own possibilities in March.

With your work and personal life on cruise control, March might be the perfect time to seek answers and adventure from within.  This is the time to take that mental trip you have always desired, or sink into the couch with your favorite video game guilt free.  An edible concoction of the sacred herb can make a nice catalyst for the mental adventure you desire.  Even though March is humdrum without action and conflict from the stars, you cannot pass up the opportunity to work on yourself as protection from future negative forces or build the plan for future positive emanations.

Don’t let a lack of a catalyst from the stars encourage complacency in March. Choose your own adventure stoner Leo!

Leo February 2015

Stoner Leo, the sun will come out in February for you!  Smoke a fatty, burn a bowl, vaporize the grind, or consume the sacred herb however you like; because the stars have aligned for you in February, and no celestial bodies stand in your way of accomplishing what your heart desires.  Positive energy will flow through you in matters of heart and finances.  Don’t get couch lock and waste the month away inside your cave.

The only warning comes within your current personal relationships.  The energy and good vibes you feel in February shouldn’t be mistaken for a time to make aggressive action and seek conflict in personal relationships.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  You will know when it is time to make a decision or lend a helping hand after analysis and thoughtful contemplation.

Entrepreneurial stoner Leos will need to apply the positive energy February brings to a new way of thinking about your business situation.  Embrace the creativity of the sacred herb. Someone might be able to help you that falls outside of the standard way you think about things.  Take equal time measuring risk and reward as you would when purchasing that green sack of goodness.  The decisions you make in February can make a large impact on your bottom line.

For the stoner Leo working the grind 5 days a week, the stars are hiding your true opportunities.  Promotional opportunity and increased responsibility may come your way in February, but you may not see the monetary advantage of taking on more work.  It’s a trap!  Don’t be the stereotypical movie stoner, and pass on more responsibility.  The financial reward will be hidden at first, but you will be rewarded for your action.

Leo January 2015

Stoner Leo, this is the month for you!  You must be prepared.  January is the beginning of major changes for you.  Your third eye will guide you in this transition.  Positive feelings will pour from your being as all negativity is blocked out in January.
Don’t be complacent in January Leo.  Smoking sessions could lead to new ideas and directions you have never contemplated before.  Be sure to keep a pad and pen with you at all times in January because the ideas and inspirations could lead you through the first half of 2015.

January will not bring a gold rush of money.  The positive feelings will impact your life more than your pocket book.  
The puff puff positive vibes coming in January will help you gain the confidence to make important decisions about work and relationships.  Are you happy at your job?  Does your current occupation fulfill your stonerific lifestyle?  You have the power in January to make changes or seek advancement with your career.  Have you been passing the joint with too many significant others?  The second half of January will bring to light the true smoking partner you desire.  Listening and understanding will be the key to keeping your highs rolling.