Air Sign – The Twins – May 21 – June 20

The stoner Gemini is the social butterfly of the stoner Zodiac. No smoke circle is complete without this chatterbox keeping the conversation flowing while the bowl is puff puff passing. Just don’t expect them to hang around too long because they will quickly find another circle to chop-it-up with.

Passionate and intellectually curious, the stoner Twins find the most satisfaction with any high minded energetic strain of the sacred herb. Deep Indica strains capable of couchlock should be avoided by this stoner who is always on the move, both physically and mentally.

The Flower Power Sativa dominant hybrid strain is a perfect match for the busy multitasking stoner Gemini. Creative and communicative are excellent traits of these cosmic astronauts, and the herbs they smoke.

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Gemini January 2015

Stoner Gemini, January will be a positive and productive month for you.  You will carry over the trend of 2014, and continue to keep your career as your main focus.  At times, it may feel like daily tasks and responsibilities hinder your efforts at success.  Just keep the positive vibes flowing, and keep at it.  Try to abstain from medicating until you’ve finished all of your tasks for the day.  Using it as a reward will keep you motivated.  By achieving your professional goals, you will notice things just start to fall into place.

However, you may experience a few surprising and potentially unpleasant situations.  Don’t be quick to place blame or make rash decisions.  Be empathetic and try to see the issue from all perspectives.  It may shed a whole new light on the problem at hand.  If resolutions can’t be made, you’ll just have to take the HIGHer road and cut ties.

In January you will rise to new levels of self-worth and self-respect.  Take a look at your life and think of ways you want to improve your overall happiness:  Start a new hobby, take a college course for your own enjoyment, start eating a healthier diet.  Be sure to keep a list of your goals and ideas to help yourself stay on the right path, because let’s face it, your short term memory isn’t all that great.

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself be a complete hermit all month. You are a social butterfly at heart, and by mid January, when your stresses start to lessen, you’ll start to feel that familiar itch for excitement and adventure start to creep in, so roll a couple J’s and check out a local band or take a hike.