Air Sign – The Twins – May 21 – June 20

The stoner Gemini is the social butterfly of the stoner Zodiac. No smoke circle is complete without this chatterbox keeping the conversation flowing while the bowl is puff puff passing. Just don’t expect them to hang around too long because they will quickly find another circle to chop-it-up with.

Passionate and intellectually curious, the stoner Twins find the most satisfaction with any high minded energetic strain of the sacred herb. Deep Indica strains capable of couchlock should be avoided by this stoner who is always on the move, both physically and mentally.

The Flower Power Sativa dominant hybrid strain is a perfect match for the busy multitasking stoner Gemini. Creative and communicative are excellent traits of these cosmic astronauts, and the herbs they smoke.

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Gemini May 2015

May will be a trying time for you, Stoner Gemini.  You are likely to have some difficult times ahead in all aspects of your life.  There will be many curve balls coming your way, but it’s nothing you can’t handle with grace.

It is likely that you will experience a moderately negative event in the workplace that throws your chakras slightly out of balance during the beginning of the month.  Do not worry about this too much, the outcome is not as monumentally life-altering as you think.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Smoke about it, forget about it; just like everyone else already has.  Have the confidence to keep moving forward.  Be sure to pay close attention to details, especially when handling important tasks.  Life may seem a little gloomy for you,  but you actually stand to gain much more than you think right now.  Have a good grasp for where you stand, as well as the desires and intentions of your co-workers.

Your relationship with your partner may become one of irritability and disagreements.  Be open and flexible.  Do not try to force them to see things your way or you will find yourself in many useless arguments this month.  Sometimes things are out of your control and life can a rollercoaster, but you will always thrive in your group of friends.  Let yourself escape in good conversation and fun times.  You need to take it upon yourself to plan events for you and your friends to come together.  Even if it’s just a quick smoking session.  Don’t let your friendships get stagnant.  This will be your saving grace during May.

Gemini April 2015

Stoner Gemini, April will have it’s testing times, but the good will outweigh the bad in the end.  You win some, you lose some.   As usual, your career will continue to be your strongest suit, while your personal relations could suffer if you’re not careful.

Although you will continue to shine as the bright shining star you are, there is someone that you’ve suspected has been trying to bring you down for quite some time now.  You can’t keep ignoring the problem, and you may realize that there are too many “noncontributing” heads on this blunt.  Don’t let your natural instinct to not upset the heard conflict with what you know you have to do.  If you are confident and fair in your decision, you will not have any regrets.  If things take the path they are supposed to, a potentially life changing event could be in store for you at the end of the month.  For the entrepreneurial Gemini, it’s time to think about re-organizing, updating, and upgrading your environment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the smoky haze, but you need to be extra attentive to your partner this month.  When things are rocky, the lightest hit can make the whole thing come crashing down and the outcome could be quite devastating to certain parties.  Be calm, yet ready for anything.  If a problem arises, you will need to weigh out the pros and cons of any decisions that come about. Do not act impulsively,but, you don’t have much time to mull it over either.  I would recommend keeping a chillum in your car and take a puff or two before going home.  That way you will be relaxed and less likely to take out aggression and annoyances from work out on your partner.

Gemini March 2015

Stoner Gemini, the month of March will be an overall positive and productive time for you.  Despite the continuous hard work load, your energy levels will reach all new highs, allowing you to really put forth your best efforts.

All twins will continue to shine in the status of their careers.  You will feel an overwhelming amount of support, giving you the confidence to show your true colors and letting your work excel to new levels.  You may be asked to take important responsibilities, or maybe even a raise is in your near future.  If you own your own business, you may have a partner shed light on a new idea that could open the door for many great opportunities.  Do not be afraid to step out of the box, for there is no great reward without great risk.  If you can manage to stay organized and be mindful of your schedule, you will be able to drastically increase your productivity.  With all the hours you’ll be putting in this month, keep your favorite chillum on stand by for the occasional stress relieving toke.

For those of you that are single, your personal relationships might feel like they are at a standstill.  If you are currently seeing someone, you might feel slight tension between you and your partner, especially during the beginning of the month.  Recognize these tensions and excuse yourself from the situation to avoid getting sucked into pointless arguments.  Anything said or done in the heat of the moment should not be taken to heart.  Smoke about it, forget about it.  The Gemini might also feel a little “off” with friends, but don’t start writing anyone off.  Patience is key.  Although it may feel nice to be in control, sometimes you just have to take a back seat and let things play out the way they should.  Shake off the little things, and put your effort into the things that are working in your favor.

Gemini February 2015

February will yield two very different paths for you, Stoner Gemini.  Venus and Jupiter will team up, and their negative influences will be quite apparent in your personal relationships.  Luckily, Mercury will have your back, providing assistance in your career successes.

With Jupiter and Venus working against you, you are likely to face a significant amount of problems, especially in the first ten day period.  If you’re still looking for that special someone, don’t expect to be struck with the love bug this month.  If you are currently in a relationship, you and your significant other may not be seeing eye to eye.  Now is NOT the time to push for resolution on pressing issues.  Sometimes you just have to breathe and let it be.  Meditating may prove to be an incredibly helpful tool for you during hard times.  If you are able to withstand the inevitable while maintaining your composure, you should be able to make it out of February barely scathed.  When you feel your emotions running high, do not act or make hasty decisions.  Keep calm, dab on, and remember that this too shall pass.

Keep your head up, Gemini.  Mercury will be able to bring some light to the darkness that is February.  Your planet ruler may be your only ally this month, bringing you a couple of positive opportunities.  Be ready to jump on them like a spider-monkey. You would be extremely foolish not to embrace these opportunities as they present themselves to you.   Although your opponents will be in full swing at this time, pay no mind to them.  Their efforts will be shattered faster than a cheap import pipe. Concentrate on yourself.  Your career can thrive if you are able to channel your energies into your work.

Gemini January 2015

Stoner Gemini, January will be a positive and productive month for you.  You will carry over the trend of 2014, and continue to keep your career as your main focus.  At times, it may feel like daily tasks and responsibilities hinder your efforts at success.  Just keep the positive vibes flowing, and keep at it.  Try to abstain from medicating until you’ve finished all of your tasks for the day.  Using it as a reward will keep you motivated.  By achieving your professional goals, you will notice things just start to fall into place.

However, you may experience a few surprising and potentially unpleasant situations.  Don’t be quick to place blame or make rash decisions.  Be empathetic and try to see the issue from all perspectives.  It may shed a whole new light on the problem at hand.  If resolutions can’t be made, you’ll just have to take the HIGHer road and cut ties.

In January you will rise to new levels of self-worth and self-respect.  Take a look at your life and think of ways you want to improve your overall happiness:  Start a new hobby, take a college course for your own enjoyment, start eating a healthier diet.  Be sure to keep a list of your goals and ideas to help yourself stay on the right path, because let’s face it, your short term memory isn’t all that great.

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself be a complete hermit all month. You are a social butterfly at heart, and by mid January, when your stresses start to lessen, you’ll start to feel that familiar itch for excitement and adventure start to creep in, so roll a couple J’s and check out a local band or take a hike.