Earth Sign – The Sea Goat – December 22 – January 19

The stoner Capricorn is a difficult star sign to pin down within the smoke circle. The duality of the Sea Goat, portends to their shape shifting ways on the terrestrial plane. In a large smoke circle, the stoner Capricorn may seem stoic and reserved. But dim the lights with a few trusted cannabis companions, and the Sea Goat turns into a trouble making party animal.

Know thyself stoner Capricorn. What you need is a cannabis tool chest of strains. Sacred herbal remedies for unique situations. Perhaps you could grab a deep Indica strain for meditative moments of solitude or exercise; and keep the Sativa strains fresh for creative moments climbing the economic ladder, or nights out with the canna-crew.

Toke time for fun in between long stretches of hard work. Lead yourself as you lead others.

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Capricorn July 2015

Stoner Capricorn you are a powerful being!  Let’s look at July like a long distance race.  You are strong and you can win the race, but only at a steady pace throughout the month.  All challenges and problems can be solved with a steady stride and consistent perseverance.  Puff, puff, pass the joint.  Feel the energy of the sacred herb and the fellowship of your cannabis companions.  Go with the flow and July will be your month of enjoyment and happiness.

In your workplace or business, the message of a steady pace is very important.  Do not try to do too much or take on a large project that is unrealistic to complete.  Avoid confrontations with co-workers who are out to sabotage your success.  Run your business or your job like that race we discussed with a steady pace.  A good pace allows you to see the details around you and solve problems with a cool hand.

In matters of the heart a steady pace throughout the month will allow you to shrug off any anxieties that you feel in relationships, and it will help you avoid running too fast into a situation that could hurt you.  Relax and meditate, you got this.  Feel confident that July will bring exceptional moments, but only when you avoid jumping into conflict and apply reasonable expectations on your situation.

Capricorn June 2015

Capricorn stoner, June brings a different aspect than any other month of the year.  Freedom, choice, flexibility, strength, and imagination are words that come to me when I contemplate your June circumstances.  The effects of decisions you make in June will be up to you.  Outside influences will be held at bay.  Imagine you are in a canoe by yourself.  You choose the direction you desire.  You can guide yourself to a beautiful place in nature, but be careful because you could steer towards rapids as well.  Sit back, light up the peace pipe, and just go with the flow Capricorn stoner.

June is a great month to take charge of yourself and see things in a new light.  You can take advantage of opportunities in June by being organized.  When advancement or leading a new project comes your way at work, have the confidence in yourself to take on the challenge and see it through.  You are in control in June.  Positivity and results will only come from your efforts.

The same is true with matters of the heart.  Stay close to your cannabis companions.  Your increased positive attitude and flexibility could really help a loved one out in June.  Just remember that the cosmos has gifted you extra freedom in June, the same may not be true of others.  Empathize and analyze before jumping out of your canoe and into someone else’s.

Capricorn May 2015

Oh Capricorn stoner, the month of May will bring confusion.  Your battle to survive in the gears of the societal machine will seem overwhelming at times this month.  You should take heed in May and plan for the struggle that awaits.  Trust yourself, and know that all projects, decisions, and tasks will eventually come to their own end with hard work and attention to detail.  The timing of the end of these items may not be as crucial as the work itself.

Stoner Capricorn, May can bring frustration or it can bring enlightenment of self examination.  You must continue to work hard on the current projects in your life, whether they are at work or at home.  However, your deadlines need to be adjusted.  The universal forces pounding down on you will prevent culmination in May.  At times your life force will feel zapped.

Thus the conundrum of May is exposed for you stoner Capricorn.  You must be able to balance studious efforts to stay on task, but yet take time for yourself to explore within.  To start the month of May you should get organized.  Stay away from the Indica strains of the sacred herb in this time as the Sativa will bring energy and insight into your tasks.  You should put off some task deadlines to give yourself more room to breathe.

Do not leave town on any important family or business trips in May.  You should put off travel while immersed in this confusing time.  Once you have your tasks and projects organized, you have to set some time aside to explore within yourself.  So many important revelations and answers will come from this that will aid in the completion of your projects in the future. The Indica strains of the sacred herb will be a tool to your inner searching, but only after you get organized and allow yourself time for yourself.

Capricorn April 2015

Capricorn stoner, April is a month of positivity.  The flow of life will be like a smooth reggae song a wash in beat and harmony.  Perhaps the Sublime song, What I Got could be your mantra for the month.

Just because the stars have lined up for you in April does not mean you won’t need to be active in your destiny for the month.  Bursts of positive energy must be utilized to enhance your life and work.  Be confident Capricorn stoner.  Leadership and decision making will be key ingredients to accepting the gift from the stars.  With work and strategy the Sativa species of the sacred herb should be your choice for April to help guide the positive energy flowing through you.

Drama is pushed to the side in your personal life for April.  Enjoy the time with loved ones.  Enemies and negativity are far from your gates this month.  You should seek the comfort of your relationships to give you space for relaxation and inner focus.  When you reach that space away from work and the vibrating energy April will bring, don’t be afraid to mix in the Indica species of the sacred herb to instigate spiritual awakenings.

Don’t forget to smile stoner Capricorn, life is wonderful in these moments.

Capricorn March 2015

Life is confusing for everyone stoner Capricorn, it’s not just you.  March will bring complex times that could ruin your trip if you focus too hard on the details.  You are headed into a month where positive vibes will flow through you like a warm wind, but that doesn’t mean everything will go your way.  Maintain your head.  Don’t get paranoid.  Over thinking your relationships and conflicts in March could lead you down a negative spiral that will bring a chill to that warm wind you are meant to feel.

Stoner Capricorn artists and entrepreneurs should use March to get organized and blaze one up by yourself.  Working by yourself can be wonderful and fruitful, and it avoids any potential negative conflicts with others.  You have made it to this station in life based on your decisions, and you should feel confident in March to expand and build upon that base.

The potential conflict in March will come from your interaction with others.  They may not feel your vibe, and crush your groove.  Just when you think everyone is on board with the progressive thoughts of the sacred herb, you may run into the other side of the spectrum that wants to diminish you and your use of marijuana.  Do not fight with anger.  Protect yourself and your feelings with peace and understanding.

Capricorn February 2015

Stoner Capricorn you must be ready for February.  Negative forces will be strong in February, but not destructive.  Keep your head out of the clouds and grounded on your day-to-day activities and relationships.  Without your focused attention, the negative forces of February could give you a bad trip.  The sacred herb can keep you calm and steady as you navigate your way through February, but avoid the complacency of heavier indica strains.
The negative forces battling against the stoner Capricorn in February will affect both relationships and finances.  This factor presents you with the duality of needing a calm and steady mood for your feelings, and the need for attentive care with your money.  You can do it stoner Capricorn!  February is a month to avoid jumping into anything adventurous or make any permanent decisions regarding your financial plan.  This is the month to hold on to what you have, and protect your investments.
Stoner Capricorns with a life partner should look to lean on them for support and understanding.  Negativity affecting your mood can easily be turned into a wonderful moment by paying attention and allowing your partner to take the lead. Spark one up with your lover and enjoy their company.
For those stoner Capricorns flying solo in the universe, you must be guarded with your emotions like your money in February.  Do not put yourself in couch lock mode and hide away from the world.  You must battle this negativity with action.  This is a great month to engage your friends and seek outdoor activities.  Grab your favorite papers and go for a hike.  The enemy in February is not at your door, it is within you, and you have the power to overcome.

Capricorn January 2015

January brings an interesting month for the Capricorn stoner.  Luck and patience are the keys to January for you.  Make sure you have a nice Indica strain available this month.  Because despite the great feelings of empowerment and positivity that will come in January, contemplation and patience will be the key to unwinding obstacles that have blocked you previously.

Leave the pipe at home this month when you go to work.  Your skill in the workplace will shine through in January.  Others around you will make mistakes, but your attention to detail will help you rise above them.  You may have to be hard on your coworkers for costly errors; stoner stereotypes will hinder your authority if you allow them to creep in at work.

People surrounding you in your personal life will try to give power to the paranoia of your high.  Do not let them deter you.  Trust yourself and the decisions you have made.  This obstacle may affect the luck that is on your side in January.  Stoner, you cannot focus on what luck may bring to your life.  You have to be contemplative and patient.  This will allow the positivity January brings to be your benefit.

This is a great month to chill out and give your life deep thoughts.  Listen to Bob Marley and allow the herb to reveal yourself to you.