Water Sign – The Crab – June 21 – July 22

Stoner Cancers are exactly like their symbol the crab: A hard outer shell protects a soft inner soul. These protective creatures find themselves puff puff passing amongst close cannabis companions more so than large smoke circles. But their favorite smoke spot is a soft warm private sanctuary.

The well balanced nature of the stoner Cancer leaves all sacred strain possibilities wide open. However, the stoner crab has a higher proclivity for food and baked treats. A deep dive with an edible in comfortable space is heaven to the stoner Cancer.

These stoner crabs are also more likely to find connectivity with their third eye through meditative smoke sessions. The mystical magic of the sacred herb can be honed and amplified by this stoner star sign.

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Cancer April 2015

Stoner Crab, are you ready for this month?  In April you will feel life’s forces running rampant through your veins.  Yes this is the break you’ve been waiting for.  The only stipulation with this energy is to use it wisely and save some for the future months where you will need it.  It is like you have received a gift of the finest medibles. Do not consume all at once.

The clever Crabs will blossom in their working lives.  It is a month to find the love of what you do and do it simply for that.  The material gains will follow only if they are not your main focus.  Take on those projects with zeal and enjoy them as they will turn out better than expected.  If you are not working in a field you truly enjoy it is time for some hybrid meditation sessions this month.  They will lead you down the right paths to find your true calling.

You may be feeling invincible this month and you should revel in it.  Enjoy these feelings and all they have to offer.  A word to the wise:  Be very careful how you go about swooning, seducing, or even just playing the moderator in a sticky situation between friends.  The power of your influence is HIGH and will evoke many strong reactions.  This is where you need to conserve a bit of the life force you’re feeling.  Personal conquests will prevail, but to whose expense and when will those consequences show up?  Be very wise on how you play with the power the universe is shining on you this month.  You won’t like it when those consequences sneak up on you like the red hair creeper you love so much.   

Cancer March 2015

Put on your dancing shoes and groove your way through the month of March my sweet leaf smoking Cancer!  It seems nothing can stop you this month.  Although nothing new will pop up and change you drastically; many things you were working towards will open up and bloom.  So get ready to skyrocket down those well thought out paths!

In your working world get ready for some heady situations.  You will be blessed with many opportunities that you thought were closed off to you.   All smoke signals point to a business partnership this month.  Are you working for yourself?  Have you been paying attention to your competition?  Are they struggling?  Maybe suggest a way to work together?  It will be a an amazing venture for all involved.   If you’re the worker bee and not the Queen of a business then step it up!  Keep your attention focused at work and take on that responsibility!  A promotion is in order.

Have you met your one and only someone to share that pan of mmm mmm medible brownies with?  If not you are on a path to meet that person this month.  If you are already attached you will have to choose.  These lovers will not be kind if you try to have them both.  It will be ok to let one go.  Do not second guess your choice as it will be the right one in the long run.  In fact you should celebrate with a “Hookah Smoking Caterpillar” kind of party for all your loved ones this month.  Stoner Cancer March is truly shining on you!  Breath in all the fabulous-ness you can and let the universe wrap it’s arms around you.

Cancer February 2015

Stoner Cancer, here is your checklist of needed items this month:  Sativa, Hybrid & CBD.  Don’t leave home without them!  It seems in February there will be a whirlwind of directions that will be going on for the mysterious Cancer.  You will work hard, celebrate well and overcome obstacles if only you try.  Use your expanded perception to accept the positivity that will reign down on you all month.

In work think divide and conquer.  Take on one task at a time.  Consider CBD if relief is needed at work or lay the pipe down completely during working hours.  The beginning of the month will overwhelm you with piles of work to comb through.  If you do not procrastinate you will feel relief by mid month.  Whether you work for yourself or you you are working for someone else:  Do not take on extra responsibilities at this time.  This is the month to stay between the lines.  Show up on time for everything, do what is required, then go home.  Don’t you dare think about eating that medible before bed on a work night!

In your house of partnerships, break out the Bub, fill it with some love and share an incredible month with your partner.  Single or attached: Now is the time to ask for your hearts desire.   As long as your wish does not push the limits of your partner, it is as good as granted.  In your circle of friends it seems there will be a few hurdles for each of you to jump through.  Band together, meditate with a nice Hybrid and you will find the answers you seek.  It may be up to you dear Cancer to put this together.

Cancer January 2015

This will be an interesting start to your new year Cancer.  This month you will find yourself biting your tongue, restraining your feelings and have a bridge or two to cross.  Break out your thickest skin and keep the Pocket Bub full of a nice Sativa.  Depending on your life course, you will be faced with a decision or two that will most definitely lay down the pathway of your year.  You will not be ambivalent about this decision, rather, you will have to stand up and own the decisions you make this month.  Be sure make them with solid facts and on solid ground.

Steer clear of all medibles when it comes to Finance and the Workplace.  Who wants to be couch locked when the cosmos are clear for you to move forward with those plans you’ve left on the back burner.  Whether its a new business venture or a promotion you’re looking for, you’ll want to play it cool because everything you need is in order.  In the workplace upper management will be paying attention.  Don’t get paranoid!  They are seeing your natural charisma, leadership and your ability to follow through as a means of possible advancement.

In the evenings this month you’ll want select a hybrid in a peace pipe to keep your mind open, uplifted and your spirits high.  If you are in a relationship, know that bullying any idea will ensure trouble. Your partner may not be picking up what you’re laying down at this time.  Instead hit that peace pipe and remember you can talk about this next month.  If you’re single do not loose your temper with your overbearing relatives.  It will get you no where.  Everyone needs to be themselves this month, even you.  Don’t forget your pipe or your water sign superpowers to get along with everyone this month.