Fire Sign – The Ram – March 21 – April 19

Stoner Aries is the youngest of the Zodiac. The stoner Ram matches their youthful enthusiasm with bold straightforward actions. This stoner would be voted most likely to start the smoke circle session, and probably knows where all the adventurous smoke spots are located.

Passionate and headstrong, stoner Aries avoid the complexities of life. Thus they should avoid deep Indica strains. Couchlock stuck in their own head is not pleasant for an Aries. But at the same time, added beats of contemplation could lend the Aries much needed time and perspective to think things through more thoroughly.

A Sativa dominant hybrid would best match the attributes of the stoner Aries. Excellent for matching the energetic happy-go-lucky nature of an Aries, yet cerebral tones to assist in responsible decision making.

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Aries September 2015

Are you ready for a fast paced high energy month Aries?  Yes Stoner Ram, you will be bristling with good vibes and a “in it to win it” attitude.  Keep stretching your abilities in your working world as September is the month for you to grow and bask in the sun.  This does not mean that there will not be challenges so stick with the motivating sativa and keep the new ideas rolling.  Your partners or managers are there and will help you with anything you want this month.  Communication will be the key to attaining your newly amassed goals.

My stoner Aries you will be swimming with a magnitude of energy that will need to be released.  Get the vape pen ready for a good long solo hike.  You will need daily exercise to help you expend some of this energy or you will overwhelm those you love most.  Remember, not everyone will be as high in the sky as you at the beginning of Autumn.  So get out there and cleanse your soul with some good old fashioned time with mother nature!  Now is the time to open  your mind to new spiritual and emotional experiences in love.  Sure date nights are great, but you can go to a movie anytime.  Try something different and watch your soul grow.  Hit the beach by day and watch the stars with a nice hybrid by night.  The closeness you can achieve with your lover this month is limitless.

Aries August 2015

My dearest stoner Aries, prepare yourself for a unsettling month in August 2015.  You will be whipped around by strong energy forces.  Some positively unnerving events will be hoisted upon you and you must do everything in your power to find balance.  Your job this month will be to find and maintain an inner calm.  Take part in the sacred herb during your quiet and meditative times.  Lean on it when all else seems to be raining on your parade.

Work will be your respite if you can manage to keep your wits about you.  Take on new tasks or projects to keep your mind focused.  If I may suggest; look into a mild sativa to keep your energy levels working for you during your working hours.  Your creative energies will be flowing and will not need any extra push from strains of indica.  Be sure to utilize your energy efficiently as you will need much on the home front.

Brace yourself Ram and do not charge.  It will be a difficult month in terms of your relationships.  Be sure to give yourself a lot of time to meditate in August.  Expect many upsets and most importantly do not allow yourself to become outraged or angry.  Do your best to see each situation as just that:  As they say in Jamaica “There are no problems, only situations”.  For you, Aries, this is true.  You have the ability to overcome everything that August throws at you.  Be calm and Dab on this month when you are away from work.  Be kind no matter how awful your friends, family or lovers may be and you will come out on top.

Aries July 2015

It seems that much of the life energy from June will flow over into July for you my stoner Aries.  Use this energy to guide you down the paths that mean the most to you.  Though you may have a lot to decide in the working world, your personal life will be an irrefutable cloud of vape!

Speaking of working, Ram, you will be doing a lot of it this month.  As I see it, you will be good to go on finishing your projects in a timely manner.  Thus bringing upon you more opportunities from those who are your partners or managers.  You need to look at all of these opportunities and choose only one.  Grab your bag of trees and find a mellow place to do some reflective thinking before making your decision.  Trust your intuition and give that one decision your all.

The word I believe you will use this month in regards to your personal life will be, to say the least, blissful.  This is the month you will feel as though everyone is on your page.  If you have the time and resources to take a nice long vacation, do so!  If that is not an option for you; surround yourself with your cannabis companions on the weekends at a nice peaceful place and relax.  The energies of your love life are calling for you to enjoy.  When is the last time you hiked that trail that leads to your favorite cave? It is time to update your social connections as well as your connections with our dear mother earth.

Aries June 2015

This is positively your month to shine my dear stoner Aries!  Be prepared to feel the unyielding life force pumping through your veins.  You will have many celebrations and many opportunities coming your way!  Your biggest challenge will be to reign in the energy you are receiving and put it to work for the better of your life this month.

Your love life is exceptional in June!  The enormity of events that will play out this month will change you forever my stoner Ram.  This is true for both the single and attached Aries.  Following your heart has never felt so good.  Ride those dab clouds and don’t look down! There may be a few minor disagreements but do not take them to heart as they will resolve themselves easily.  Play your cards right and the Summer Solstice will be more than just a celebration of the season; It will be a celebration of you!

Work, work, work!  Yes, you do have to work my cannabis companion.  Although, it in no way will be a downer this month.  You will have to focus all the energy within you into decisiveness and creativity as you will simply be bombarded with opportunities in June.  Do not try to take them all or you will simply be breaking your own back.  Take time to meditate with a nice sativa on the ones that appeal to you most.  Then pick the ones that will benefit you both soulfully and financially.  These decisions are laying down a nice platform for you, so why not enjoy the work you do!  If you own your own company pay attention to what your employees are doing.  Is your handbook up to date?  Make sure all policies are being upheld.  If you are working for the man it is the month to take initiative!  Start making headway for the trip up the ladder my friend!

Aries May 2015

For my smoking Aries the month of May will be quite amicable.  Do not become lackadaisical due to this break in chaos.  Yes you deserve an indica butter break!  Just hold off on that until you’ve made your decision on the direction you should be going this fine, fine month of May.

How are you feeling about your relationship this month Aries?  Are you allowing negative vibes to subside or are they germinating like the legendary Lowryder plant?  You can bet your bottom dollar that your relationship this month will shape up exactly the way you see it:  Whether that look is good or bad is up to you.  During the middle of the month be prepared to deal with a true test of fate.  Meditate on it and follow your intuition as some doors will close and others will open depending on your actions.  On the up side follow your feelings and  be attentive to you lover and all situations will seem blissful in the end.

You may feel stress in the form of negativity from co-workers this month.  You need to take some time to figure out how to overcome any obstacles with your working relationships.  Keep your cool and these and other problems will drift away just like you do on your vape session at the end of the work day.

May is the month to be proactive in your working world.  Do not sit around and wait for the opportunities as they will come to you when you are actually doing what you do best, taking action!  Do not rush into anything, stay positive and overcome obsticals are your best actions this month. You can do it Aries! Yes you can.

Aries April 2015

Stoner Aries, surround yourself with as much positivity as you can.  It is going to be a rough month for you.  You will need to put on the magic hat of logic and stash away the over emotional side of yourself.  Speaking of stashing, burn up your predisposed ideas concerning people, places and ideas this month as it will fervently hold you back.

If you are going to use up your energy this month focus it into your love life.  If you are attached you need to wade through this month with your partner no matter how sticky the black tar hash gets.  I strongly suggest a few hybrid enhanced meditative evenings this month so you both can get on the same vibe.  It will help to open up those locked doors and start an honest conversation on where you are and where you both want to go.  Do not become ashen with sadness.  Your relationship can flourish again if you simply choose to work it out during this very emotionally complex month.  Lean on your best friend and listen to them.  You will really have to just go with the flow this month in love my stoner Aries.  Do not by any means fall down the depths of despair:  In the next six weeks you will be able to follow your feelings as they will be more true than they are this month.

This is the month in business to focus your energies smartly.  You will need all your pistons firing so leave the pipe at home or consider some CBD or a lighter strain of sativa at work.  Make that to do list and prioritize it.  Do one thing at a time and do it well.  Steer clear of the smoke and mirrors that may make you consider a bad business deal.  It is best to keep things logical and in order this month.  Do not try to rock the boat and work will float by easily this month.

Aries March 2015

Break out the party pipe and share the sacred herb with everyone you know this month Aries!  On the whole of things, this month will be blessed with positive vibes and and lots of energy.  Keep the attitude you reign at the beginning of the month fluid throughout and you should not have too many problems during the last part of March.  Below we will only touch on the possible tangles you may face in work and love:

All aspects of your working world should be irrefutably good this month my smoking Aries.  If for some reason you find you do not have that spark at work, look around you.  Who is influencing you negatively?  If this is the case, it may be time to spark one up with that person and get down to the heart of what the problem is.  If you are looking to move up in the world of work this is not the month to make waves.  It is however a time to reflect on how you plan on getting there.  Remember it is better to burn one down with a fellow co-worker than to grind them down on your way up.

In love, my hard headed ram, be watchful.  The first three weeks of March will be tentative and a bit stressful if you are not paying attention.   Attached Aries stay calm and dab on with your partner this month as they may be feisty and temperamental. Try coaxing out the real issue.  You may have to wait until the end of the month for some of the stress to wear off before gaining headway with your significant other.  If you’re single now is not the time to try to look for love.  Rather concentrate on family and friends.  Watch that tongue as we all know the only thing sharper than your horns are your words.  Before dealing with judgmental family members maybe take a nice one hitter of sativa?

Aries February 2015

On the whole, Aries, 2015 will feel like a cosmic trip on a indica cloud laden magic carpet ride.  Do your best to keep this in mind as you work your way through the next few months.  February in itself will be a bit of a challenge.

Fiery Aries this month you will feel as though with every puff you take the ashes will cloud your vision in the work place.  It will be the small mishaps that seem inconsequential that you need to look out for.  There is a deeper meaning behind them.  Your boss will be looking for end results.  You will have to push past the mayhem and prove you can do it.  Keep calm & vape on with some mood enlightening sativa and keep that pep in your step.  You’ll need it with the boggish disruptions that keep popping up and holding you back.  Do not fret, you will prevail, it will just be a tougher road than usual.

Your personal relationships this month are concentrating on your circle of friends. They need you and not just because you’re the only one who remembers to bring the Hookah to the party.  Sometime in the middle of the month you will have a situation arise that forces you to make a decision.  The right answer may not be the easiest.  If you are attached, stoner Aries, beware of any misunderstandings with your lover.  Do not leave them in the cold just because you are investing more time in your circle with friends.


Aries January 2015

The month of January will be a tough month for you Aries.  Just because you’re fiery, don’t blaze away all month and think you’ll make good tracks.  Beware of the negative energies working through you this month as you will not want to spoil the kushy emotional highs it has in store for you.

It may seem you want a vacation after all the holiday fuss.  Don’t pack those bags for Jamaica just yet.  As the Bob Marley song “Rat Race” says:  “you’ll feel the working mans woes” this January.  If you own your own business the mice will play when the cat is away!  Stay focused, check and recheck all details of your work to avoid any mishaps.  For those literally in the rat race of working for the man: Keep your head down and stay busy. It is not the month for attracting attention from management. In other words leave that dug out at home.

On a brighter side, all those hard hours of work will be smoothed over in the realm of your personal life.  All Rams will be a bit more charming this month.  So pack up your favorite piece and enjoy a little Indica and get cozy. Your romance should be on fire towards the end of the month.  Single? You’ve got the power of influence and charm working for you this month.  It’s time to go after that burning relationship you have been wanting.