The Stoner Leo can be the most noble lion in the cannabis kindom. Every smoke circle needs a Leo to be complete.

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Leo September 2016

Stoner Leo, this blissful period you have been enjoying is destined to continue into the month of September.  However, all cosmic road signs may not be giving you the correct directional information.  In the first half of September, the cosmic signs will be confusing and may not point in the direction you think they should go.  Trust in yourself and the universe stoner Leo.  Your energy and desire will keep you on the correct path that ultimately lead to smoother roads.

Productivity in the workplace has the potential to be amazing in September.  The stars are aligned for this to be true, but once again stoner Leo, you may not see the path clearly ahead of you.  Meditation with the sacred herb in the beginning of the month will help you carve your productive path.  Find an old faithful strain that inspires creativity.  Make sure you are in a space that can be a conduit for creativity when you sesh with cannabis companions.  There may be no immediate impact of these sessions, but there are actions and currents of repercussions flowing under the surface.  If you work for the man, be sure to engage with your coworkers.  They will be key to your success.  A team working towards a common goal is a powerful thing.  Lead them.

The period of calm blissful waters will continue for the stoner Leo in September.  Give yourself up to the universe and your loved ones.  Swimming in these waters is easy without a floatation device.  All you need to achieve happiness and adventure is inside of you.  Focus on trust and compassion to achieve the love you desire.

Leo August 2016

Stoner Leo, what a long strange trip it’s been!  Life is one big great adventure, and sometimes it is how we experience the awkward moments that define our state of mind.  Relax, I have no terrible news for you in the month of August, but that doesn’t mean your month will be a smooth toke.  You might want to break out the water pipe and cool things down a bit, but life is about to get weird.

Up is down and down is up.  All the normal astrological traits of the stoner Leo will be thrown into the grinder and mixed up & broken down.  But like the sacred herb, you will have the opportunity to keep your integrity and potency even after going through the grinder.  Roles at work and with Cannabis Companions will be flip-flopped at times during the month.  At work, it will be important to follow instructions and complete tasks as they have been assigned.  If you own your business then August will not be the time to take on large broad picture tasks.  August will be the time of routine maintenance tasks for the Stoner Leo.  Everyone in your world will be ok if you don’t take the lead with your normal energy and enthusiasm.  Don’t fret if this scares you.  You will be back to your normal self in the next time period.

Don’t be a hero!  I realize that people have become dependent on your decision-making process and or energy.  In August, Stoner Leo, step outside of your normal comfort zone with the sacred herb.  Maybe try an edible or a thick indica strain.  Listen to your partner at home and or cannabis companions.  You can follow their lead for once, and trust that everything will be alright.  Everything’s gonna be alright.



Leo July 2016

The fabric of one’s life is not one solid sheet of cloth, but, rather an intricately woven tapestry.  My stoner, Leo, you are well known for your fierceness and ability to act on your own to attain your goals.  July of 2016 is not the month for that.  You must evaluate your life to rid yourself of the strands that are fraying.  Find solace in the strands that have proven solid and long lasting.  Then integrate these strands into a new pattern.  Thus allowing yourself to teach and be taught at the same time.  Take time to meditate with the sacred herb this month so you may visualize the final mosaic you wish to weave into your tapestry.

The tapestry pattern of your working world may seem a bit vivid. This can be good or bad. As we said earlier, rid yourself of the frayed strands as to avoid your accomplishments unraveling.  Just like a tapestry cannot be woven with just a single thread, tasks in the workplace will require more than just your efforts alone.  By combining your thought with those of your peers you will create stronger and longer lasting results.  The real beauty in a job well done is the diversity of ideas and friendly collaborations.  And the best part is that after conquering the tasks required at work you can strengthen the bonds with coworkers by passing around a wonderful bouquet of cannabis.

July brings the potential to further strengthen your ties with your partner.  But make sure you do not waste the insights you gain during your meditation time.  Only if you are of clear mind will you be able to make deeper the connections with those closest to you.  Sometimes doing nothing will be the best option.  If you sense that pulling too hard could cause unwanted tears in your fabric then proceed with caution.  Take a timeout and consult with our lady mary jane.  This will be the best approach and will allow you and yours to proceed in all of your joint efforts.

Leo June 2016

Stoner Leo June is the first month of the year where I have some questionable news to report.  The cosmic waves you have been surfing so proudly are going to become choppy this month.  The first period of summer has brought cosmic interference to the normal, easy going universal influences.  This interference will allow negative cosmic vibes to rain down on your emotional state in June.

The new negative rains should not effect your place of work stoner, Leo.  June has the potential to bring new opportunities and triumphs.  Organized stoner Leo’s can take full advantage of these opportunities, but only with vision and a plan.  Early in the month take time to analyze your current situation and target specific opportunities.  With planning and execution, you should be able to find success by the end of the period.

The possibilities of negative clouds come in the form of emotional instability in June stoner Leo.  You must protect yourself from the heavy cosmic vibes.  The sacred herb should not be used as a coping tool in June.  Instead, be proactive and create meditative sessions with the sacred herb to reinforce positivity and appreciation for your life and yourself.  Do not let depression or poor moods swallow you up in June stoner Leo.  Stuart Smalley said it best, “I’m good enough.  I’m smart enough.  And gosh darn it, people like me.”

Leo May 2016

Stoner Leo, you have been on quite a run of positive blessings from the cosmos! The month of May will not break this trend.  The warm solar wind is at your back, and the waters are calm in front of you.  However, you cannot simply tie off the wheel and check out of your travels.  The journey through the sea of life requires attention even as the universe unfolds such positive pathways for you.

The workplace for the stoner Leo will be fruitful in May.  At the beginning of the month, meditate with a sacred edible.  Visualize your work as a garden.  Spring is planting season.  If you own your business then you must be vigilant to sow your fields with new seeds of energy.  If you are a cog in a corporate machine, you must til your environment and plant positivity throughout the office or workplace.  In both situations, this attention to your garden will bear fruit in the future and show results.

Relationships for the stoner Leo can be more problematic in May if attention is lost.  You may not consider yourself manipulative, but you certainly have skills to arrange and influence the loved ones around you.  You will need all of these skills in May to avoid minor conflicts turning into large problems.  Heed these words, sometimes the best course is to take a break from cannabis companions and let them find their way back to you for advice or problem solving.

Leo April 2016

Stoner Leo, did you enjoy and fully actualize the cosmic opportunity in March?  April brings the same theme of positivity, but you will be required to participate and work a little harder for the cosmic benefits this month.  Work is usually associated with an outward action, but the work required of you this month stoner Leo is inward and self-contained.  To receive the positive benefits of the universe you must relax and enjoy the flow of your life within your surroundings.  Find a quality hybrid cannabis strain to float you through April.  Just remember, relaxing introspection is not the same thing as couch lock:)

Within the sphere of work, I am worried you have become complacent and lazy after the universal blessings of March.  Ignoring little tasks and avoiding simple communication can lead to a break in your positive cosmic streak.  As you float through April, don’t neglect the little things.  When little and simple things are ignored they can become big problems down the road.

The power of April will be manifested in your personal life stoner Leo.  Do you have a big event planned?  Success is assured with relaxed confidence.  The hybrid sacred herb should guide you through the month with the calming sensations required to feel yourself deeply, and yet the attention required to act and make the correct decisions at the right times.

What a run you are on stoner Leo!  The magic of March will melt into the vistas of April.  You are in control of your Earthly space, so it is up to you to mine the stars for the cosmic gold.

Leo March 2016

Stoner Leo, can I call you Neo?  Regardless of your gender, in March, you will feel like the chosen one.  Flex, and you will feel the world around you bend at your mercy.  Two strong cosmic winds have greatly enhanced the stoner Leo in March.  The first wind has swept out all negative cosmic influences.  The second wind is at the stoner Leo’s back giving you a warm push in a positive direction.
Stoner Leo, when the universe grants you a period of time where your powers are at their absolute peak ability, what is the obstacle?  Imagination.  The sacred herb can be your guide in this powerful time.  Creativity and imagination can open doors in the matrix you didn’t know existed before.  Not all of these doors will be fruitful, but you have the strength and perseverance to keep finding and opening more doors in March.  Opportunities are boundless for you stoner Leo, it will be up to your imagination and creativity to open the right doors.
Leadership is important during this period of strength.  Remember that this powerful period is yours and yours alone.  You can help your cannabis companions, lover, and family by stepping up as a strong leader and make the tough decisions.  Work and creative opportunities will fall to your desires in March, but your loved ones are emotional beings.  You must execute your leadership with tact and empathy.

Leo February 2016

Stoner Leo, February will be an unbalanced month.  Successes, triumphs, and wins will burn bright in your life; whereas failures, demotions and losses will be dull and muted.  Even though the peaks will deviate from the mean higher than the valleys, you must be aware and prepare for the swings because they will be wild and sudden.

Ready, set, go!  Stoner Leo, the month of February starts out with a bang.  Bring your energy to the first part of the month and accomplish what you can right away.  Avoid the Indica, and seek the Sativa during this energetic time period.  The goal of your meditative smoke sessions in February will be to achieve balance, and gain understanding of the fluctuations of life.  Part of seeking this balance is recognizing overindulgence.  The sacred herb is a magical plant, but overindulgence can take away some of its best properties.  You are a powerful being, keep your sword sharp.  Dull edges are less efficient.

February is the month of love for the stoner Leo.  Some of those high peaks in your monthly chart center around intimacy.  Don’t put too much pressure on Valentine’s Day, but make sure you are open and available to your lover.  All you have to be is yourself for those that love you.  The fireworks will out shine the squabbles.
Single stoner Leos need to be in the moment with prospective partners.  Don’t let my words or Valentine’s Day force you into anything that doesn’t come naturally, but you must lower your guard and be available for magic.

Leo January 2016

Stoner Leo, January is your time to shine as the cosmos lights you up with attention.  When I visualize you in January, I think of Neo in the Matrix after he actualizes his power in the simulation.  Flex Leo, you are strong and powerful.  

I did not say January would be easy.  Stay away from the sacred herb that touches your laid back easy going personality.  Productivity is the key to your power in January.  Go to the store and grab the most creative and powerfully stimulating sacred herb.  Light up the herb and flex your power on the universe.  Execution of ideas and accomplishment of tasks are the key to fulfilling your potential.  The universe has blessed you with an amazing opportunity in January, but it is up to you to receive this gift.

Things will be a little different for stoner Leo’s love life in January.  You can expect explosive results, but your ability to influence and impact these shining moments will be out of your control.  Lay back and go with the flow in your personal life, but pay attention and don’t miss any memorable events.

If every month could be like January, stoner Leos would rule the world.

Leo December 2015

Stoner Leo, December is an interesting time for you.  You may feel like the universe is ignoring you.  Cosmic currents will be flowing under the surface, and their direction or pull may be hidden from you.  Meditative smoke sessions will help you see beyond the thin veil that obscures your vision.  Try to focus on the perspective of others and see how you navigate your way through the human anthill.

The work and business life of the stoner Leo is where most of the hidden obstacles and objects lie in December.  Think of work as a game of hide and seek.  You don’t want to be discovered rocking the boat, but you also need to seek out obstacles in your way.  Check your side mirrors:  Objects may be closer than they appear.  Remember, hide and seek is not an aggressive game.  You only need to find the objects in your way in December.  If you make too much noise, you will be found by the negativity seeking you.

The holidays can be a stressful time for some, but not this year for you stoner Leo.  You will be able to handle all important decisions and social obstacles that come your way.  The ease of your social life will allow you to expand your horizons and take more chances.  You must be bold and confident with your decisions regarding love and friendship.  Social experiences will provide you with the most fulfilling opportunities this month.  Be kind.  Be generous.  Be yourself.