The Stoner Leo can be the most noble lion in the cannabis kindom. Every smoke circle needs a Leo to be complete.

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Stoner Leo let your roar be heard in the first month of the summer time period. June will be a month of action. Your ears must be perked. It will be important to pounce on any problems that arise. Do not leave tasks for others. An attentive lion always eats their prey, but a neglectful lion will go hungry in the night. In matters of business and work, the stoner Leo must avoid multi tasking and knock tasks down one at a time. A cluttered desk and mind will allow negative action to creep in from the sun’s powerful rays.

The sun will burn bright for the stoner Leo in June regarding cannabis companions. Action is imminent! Could it be time to leave an established smoke circle and set off on an adventure to find new cosmic cannabis travelers? Perhaps the opposite is true and the stoner Leo will blaze fresh bowls with old cannabuddies. The sun’s position implies there will be action one way or another in the month of June stoner Leo. It will be best to pack a bowl for two.

Single or married, the exposure of the sun will bring bright action to the stoner Leo in matters of love. Relax and maintain that confident composure. Puff puff breathe and let anxiety wash away. The bright action will most likely be positive and enhance your life position as long as you stay true to who you are internally and be honest with those closest to you. After all, you are a lion. King of the zodiac jungle.

LEO MAY 2017

Stoner Leo, the yellow brick road will disappear in May. Though you will lose sight f the path in front of you, this does not mean you will lose direction of forward progress. Resolve and resilience must outweigh reluctance and reticence in the May time period stoner Leo. Meditative smoke sessions should focus on a deep dive into your inner self. Personal understanding and confidence will be the key to unlocking the cosmic blessing of May.

Things will not go your way in the May time period stoner Leo; at least not at first, or even second attempts. Your cannabis companions, family, and coworkers will be relying on you to get up and try try again. Inhale the magic wonder of the sacred herb. Meditative smoke breaks will allow new ideas and a new direction to form around the obstacle blocking your path. Perseverance isn’t banging your head repeatedly against a wall. It is the confidence to try again with renewed energy and effort.

The most important aspect of the May time period is confidence you will find the path once again through the cosmic fog. Be warned stoner Leo, there will be repercussions if you fall into the trap of depression and/or self pity. Know yourself and your kind selections. It may be best to stay away from deep Indica strains if you are susceptible to coping and self pity. An energetic Sativa or hybrid may be your prescription to problem solving in May.

Reluctance to form a new plan or reassess your surroundings will leave you stuck in cosmic limbo. You aren’t just fighting for yourself stoner Leo, your perseverance will impact cannabis companions, family, and coworkers. These sage words apply to both your work sphere and personal life. With confidence, attentiveness, and determination you will be able to solve any problem and leap any obstacle in your way in the final Spring month.


Stoner Leo, laziness is the enemy in the April time period. The second spring month is quite unusual for the stoner Leo. Obstacles will be easily dismissed and problems will be easily solved, but no major developments will come from this stage of life. The most important aspect of the April time period will be your attentiveness and production towards normal tasks that come your way. Sounds boring doesn’t it stoner Leo, but there is real magic behind the grind of April.

As long as you stay moving and stay task oriented, you should find no resistance stoner Leo. Allow yourself to sink deeper into a meditative smoke session early in the month. The deeper you go within yourself the more helpful the sacred herb can be. Before a house can be built you need a foundation. Before a foundation can be poured you need a design. The April time period will be a great time to work on those designs that can impact your life into the future. Be sure to grab your journal, spiral notebook, or laptop stoner Leo; because the ideas and designs of today could become the business and buildings of the future.

For matters of love and companionship Stoner Leo, use the sacred herb as a catalyst to dive deep inside yourself. Introspection is the key to seeing how loved ones and cannabis companions perceive you. This insight will serve you well in matters of love and companionship this month. Communication isn’t just using words stoner Leo, it’s understanding how others perceive these words. Taking your communication skills to this next level will be a great tool in connecting with those most important to you in the April time frame.

Leo March 2017

Stoner Leo, the March time period will be like putting a puzzle together on a Sunday afternoon.  You will find yourself in a complex situation, but you will see the pieces and where they fit with clear vision.  For the most part the universe has blessed you once again with positive planetary protectors.  However, these blessings are not gifts.  Action and effort will be required to take advantage of your cosmic position.

Take time for yourself stoner Leo.  Pull away the veil from your third eye.  Meditate with the sacred herb.  See into the future.  As we approach spring, the stoner Leo will expect an advancement in activity after the march time period.  This increase in activity can be overwhelming in the workplace.  Therefore, you must take time in March to plan for the future and lay the organizational groundwork to support your efforts in future time periods.

Multitasking is a requirement for the March time period stoner Leo.  As you plan for future time periods you must also solve the puzzle placed in front of you in March.  Stay calm, and dab on.  With the planetary positions giving you positive sight and clarity, you will be able to solve all the puzzle pieces that come your way.  But in your rush to conquer all in front of you, do not neglect the planning also required in March.

In terms of romance and companionship, the March time period will be equally complex for the stoner Leo.  However, there is a twist in this cosmic wind.  Stoner Leo’s may find themselves in situations where everything seems clear and simple to them, but complex and overwhelming to their cannabis companions.  Puff puff pass the spliff, your empathy and understanding may be the only thing required to help your cannabis companions get through their struggle, and thus alleviating the storm in your life as well.


Leo February 2017

Stoner Leo, the February time period will be filled with mirrors and mirages.  Steady footing and self-confidence will be key to fighting off negativity in February.  The most difficult task will be to discern between the nuisance of negative clutter and the reality of a true problem.  Let’s be honest stoner Leo, you are used to things going your way.  February will be like a fractal jigsaw puzzle of negative clutter that you are not used to.  Part of the problem will be to solve what is real and what is a creation of your mind.

Meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb throughout the month can help you solve these unusual problems.  The sacred herb can help you see through the fractal mirrors and mirages negatively placed by the universe in the February time period.  These meditative smoke sessions should be spent alone.  Contemplation with cannabis companions cannot help you solve these problems.

Despite my warnings against group problem solving with cannabis companions, you will need your friends to ultimately help once the real problems are found.  You are naturally a self-reliant being stoner Leo, but once in awhile, you must lean on a friend.  Even if you think help is not necessary, please understand that allowing others to help you can solidify your relationship and even help them.  Again, another cosmic puzzle for you to solve in February.

Mirrors will cause misdirection.  Mirages are not real.  They hold no power over your cosmic spirit stoner Leo.  In the end, try to enjoy the cosmic puzzle the universe has placed in front of you.

Leo January 2017

Stoner Leo the universe has a welcome present for you in the January time period.  The present is a reprieve from the hectic hustle and bustle of the previous time periods.  Yes, stoner Leo, you can relax and take stock in the hard work that got you to this point.

The January time period will offer an opportunity to see a new perspective in matters of work and business.  Stoner Leos are coming out of a period of stressful all-consuming work.  Add the familial stress of the holidays, and you can clearly see that you have been through a lot.  Spark one up early in the January time period.  Business and work will not wash away.  However, constant building and growth cannot be maintained.  Instead, in the January time period, you must breathe and let it be.  Relaxation at work can bring new perspectives.  You must switch into a mode of caretaker instead of the conqueror.  The sacred herb will help show the stoner Leo the path to this change of gear, and a new pace.  If you cannot take advantage of this universal blessing stoner Leo, you will waste an important opportunity.  The end of the January time period will already start to transition away from relaxation maintenance and back to the hectic nature of your work.

With the more relaxed pace at work, the stoner Leo can assert a renewed focus on love and family.  The past few time periods have been stressful.  As humans, we often shut down emotionally when hectic and stressful work consume our brain.  January is the time period to give yourself to your cannabis companions, family, and loved ones.  If you are married stoner, Leo, now is the time to spice up your relationship with an unpredictable romantic gesture.  Those stoner Leos without a permanent relationship should treat themselves to new adventures and new emotional opportunities.

Leo December 2016

Stoner Leo the December time period will lack a strong cosmic influence.  The absence of an influence can be an influence in itself as this can lead to complacency.  Picture yourself on open water in a sailboat.  The seas are calm, currents are minimal, and there is no wind.  You can see your destination off in the distance.  If you relax and float, you will get nowhere.  This is the time in life where you must grab an oar and row to your destination.

Keep the Indica in the bag stoner Leo.  You must find strains of the sacred herb that keep you on that grind rowing towards your destination.  Falling into couch lock is a deadly trap in December.

Regarding business and work for the December time period stoner Leo, I have these words:  Discipline finds its benefit when a measurement is absent.  You are entering a time period where normal universal influences have left your blessed life.  You are alone in your sailboat, and only your internal drive will row you to your destination.  Stay focused, be disciplined, and keep rowing.

Stoner Leo, I have some great news from the universe.  As ominous as it is to be alone in a sailboat with no wind and no current, you have a mighty ship in your personal life that will take you where you need to go.  Relax and release stoner Leo.  Follow instructions and directions from your cosmic cannabis companions.  You must be direct with your action in work, and you must be passive & intuitive with loved ones.  This balance will lead to a successful December time period.

Leo November 2016

Stoner Leo, be forewarned there are obstacles in November you must overcome.  You should consider the month of November as a month of life training.  The lessons you learn from overcoming the obstacles will aid your future cosmic development.  Meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb should have a mantra for the month of November:  Breathe and let it be.

The obstacles in November that present the most challenge will be of a human nature.  In the sphere of work and business; humans will present roadblocks to your progress, Leo.  You must navigate these human roadblocks with creative detours.  This is where the meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb can be of the most benefit.  Creativity will be the key to your success in November.  Accomplishment is still achievable despite the human roadblocks.  Be mindful during these difficult situations because the lessons from these experiences will give you new tools in your arsenal for future obstacles.

Stoner Leo the time period of November will bring personal challenges for you in the sphere or love and happiness.  Remember your meditative mantra:  Breathe and let it be.  You cannot force yourself and your will on your loved ones in November.  We are all flying through space on Earth together.  Try to understand that your loved ones and cannabis companions have cosmic influences just like you.  Your compassion and patience will pay dividends in your relationships in the short and long term.

Leo October 2016

Stoner Leo, you’ve been on a solar hot streak.  You have become accustomed to a cosmic wind at your back with limited obstacles in your way.  The October time period will bring new challenges to the stoner Leo.  That warm wind at your back will become a bitter cold in your face.

Stoner Leo, please understand that you have more of a potential in damaging yourself than the cosmic dice you have been dealt.  You have been spoiled this year with positive cosmic influences.  This change in direction is the challenge you must overcome.  Your reaction to negative influences will be more important than any steps you must take to overcome them.  Meditative sessions with the sacred herb should be well thought out and crisply executed.  Avoid any strains that could put you away from the world.  Replace any Indica with Sativa for the month of October.

Stoner Leo, the trap in October is self-pity and an attitude of avoidance.  You must be present and accounted for in the office and at home.  Entrepreneurs and company leaders must show that they are willing to work just as hard as their workers.  Many times you have been able to skirt away from work for something more pleasurable.  These decisions could have drastic consequences during the October time period.

Stoner Leo, discipline is the key to the month.  You should avoid any instinct toward individual personal pleasure.  Family and work must take priority.  You will have moments where self-pity demands of you to shut yourself off to the world.  This is the most dangerous situation.  Your presence and accountability are vital for loved ones, cannabis companions, and your work relationships.  Relax and enjoy the renewed focus.  The Sativa species of cannabis will be your friend in October.  Energy, empathy, discipline, and accountability will be your key words for the month.

Leo September 2016

Stoner Leo, this blissful period you have been enjoying is destined to continue into the month of September.  However, all cosmic road signs may not be giving you the correct directional information.  In the first half of September, the cosmic signs will be confusing and may not point in the direction you think they should go.  Trust in yourself and the universe stoner Leo.  Your energy and desire will keep you on the correct path that ultimately lead to smoother roads.

Productivity in the workplace has the potential to be amazing in September.  The stars are aligned for this to be true, but once again stoner Leo, you may not see the path clearly ahead of you.  Meditation with the sacred herb in the beginning of the month will help you carve your productive path.  Find an old faithful strain that inspires creativity.  Make sure you are in a space that can be a conduit for creativity when you sesh with cannabis companions.  There may be no immediate impact of these sessions, but there are actions and currents of repercussions flowing under the surface.  If you work for the man, be sure to engage with your coworkers.  They will be key to your success.  A team working towards a common goal is a powerful thing.  Lead them.

The period of calm blissful waters will continue for the stoner Leo in September.  Give yourself up to the universe and your loved ones.  Swimming in these waters is easy without a floatation device.  All you need to achieve happiness and adventure is inside of you.  Focus on trust and compassion to achieve the love you desire.